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UFC superstar Georges St-Pierre has once again let it be known that he’d like to return to fighting, and has now even suggested a potential date for his comeback.

Speaking on the ‘UFC Tonight’ show yesterday, GSP indicated that he’d happily make his long awaited return to action at UFC 206 in Toronto, Canada on December 10th, but also admitted, “it’s not up to me.”

Fans have waited years to see GSP fight again, but there’s still a major hurdle to overcome in terms of the Canadian’s contract, and as one of the promotion’s biggest ever pay-per-view draws he’s made it clear that he’s not going to settle for less than he’s worth.

“If you see it from my perspective, I’m making a lot of money now even though I’m not fighting. And my contract is old,” St-Pierre stated on the show. “My contract was made before the Reebok deal, and when we asked, basically, it’s now because if I go back and fight I cannot advertise my sponsors, so I’m losing money if I go back to fight on the old terms of my contract. So, it’s reasonable. I’m just waiting to so what’s going to happen.”

GSP also responded to Dana White’s claims that he no longer has the same drive to be a champion that he had in his prime.

“He doesn’t know anything about me,” St-Pierre said. “I’m a smart guy. I’m not the kind of guy you’re going to say that (about), and okay I’m going to sign right here, I’m going to fight for peanuts. No, I’m a smart person. It doesn’t work, these things on me. But I’m going to tell him something, to Dana, let me fight once and you’ll see in the first minute of the fight that what you just said is wrong.”

St-Pierre also threw out some potential names for his return, indicating a willigness to fight newly crowned champion Tyron Woodley, while also mentioning Nick Diaz and Demian Maia too.

“Let me fight Tyrone Woodley, then we’ll see if I want to be world champion again. I understand what he means, and I’m not angry at Dana. He does what he does for the best of his interests. I do what I do for the best of my interests. One day when all of that is going to be over, we’ll probably be friends, like most of the guys who I’ve fought. But now, it’s like a game. He’s doing his game, I’m doing mine.”

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