So far the training footage of UFC welterweight champion Georges St.Pierre rehabilitating his knee after surgery has shown him working hard, but generally avoiding putting any real strain on the joint, but in his latest video that’s all changed.

Amongst other things GSP is now doing full sprints along with some intensive stability and core work that shows that he’s now very much on the road to full fitness which will delight his legions of fans.

“My knee feels good, I don’t feel any pain,” he reassures his coach at one point after getting told off for running unsupervised.

St.Pierre has currently set the UFC’s return to Montreal in November in his sights as his likely return date, with interim champion Carlos Condit believed to be the man he’ll face.

That’s no easy fight after a year out so he’ll need to be at the top of his game, and judging by this footage he’s continuing to do everything right to ensure that will be the case.

Check it out below.