Hacran Dias Gets Decision Win Over Yuri Alcantara At UFC 147

Hacran Dias notched up a win in his UFC debut after using his superior ground game to control Yuri Alcantara for large portions of their bout at UFC 147.

Dias wasted no time in pressing Alcantara up against the cage and then working to bring him down to the mat in the opening round.

After doing so successfully he secured full mount and was working for an arm triangle submission, but Alcantara was able to shift his hips and get his guard back, but he’s then fed a big elbow strike to the face.

Alcantara tried to work his way back to his feet, but Dias was having none of it and slammed him back down to the mat.

They get back up and Alcantara does very well to spin around and take Dias back against the cage. Dias counters though by working for a kimura submission as the round draws to a close.

The second round saw more takedowns and dominant ground work from Dias, though Alcantara did a good job of stifling much of his offensive output and also threatened him with an armbar attempt that Dias had to carefully prise himself back out of.

They get stood back up in the final minute of the round and Alcantara puts together a nice flurry of strikes just before the bell.

The final round started slowly with both men looking hesitant to engage, and that suited Dias more than Alcantara given how the fight was going.

With a couple of minutes left Dias was able to take Alcantara to the mat again and land some shots before they got back to their feet. Not for long though as Dias lined up a double leg takedown.

Not a whole lot of action though and so they get stood up. Dias charges in for one final takedown, but Alcantara ends up on top. He tries his best to make something happen with strikes on the ground, but there’s just not enough time to really make an impact and this fight is heading to the judges.

Unsurprisingly they all see it unanimously in Dias favor, 29-28 and 30-27 x2.

The Brazilian crowd didn’t appear to enjoy it, but it’s a good result for Dias against a tough opponent like Alcantara who had been unbeaten in 13 fights prior to this evening’s encounter.


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