Dan Henderson KO’s Hector Lombard In Crazy Battle At UFC 199

Dan Henderson proved yet again why he’s a true legend of the sport tonight at UFC 199 with a stunning second round KO victory against Hector Lombard after almost being stopped himself in the opening five minutes.

Round One:

Lombard the first to throw a strike and Hendo is looking for the counter. Henderson with a leg kick. Another leg kick for Hendo and Lombard almost catches that.

Lombard stalking Henderson. Right hand fires out for Henderson as Lombard tries to close the distance. He launches it again, but it’s just short.

Body kick for Lombard, who’s being cautious about closing the distance for now.

Huge bomb from Hendo lands and Lombard’s legs give out on him and he wobbles as he backs up. Henderson goes after him, but Lombard bites down on his gumshield and fires back, hurting Henderson and then immediately transitions into a takedown attempt.

Lombard able to move to side control, but Henderson gets his bearings and works his way back to his feet.

Lombard immediately back on the offense though and he rocks Henderson again with big punches. Hendo again slumps to the mat, but somehow gets back upright again. He’s in real danger of being stopped at any moment though as Lombard continues to batter him.

Lombard lands a takedown in the middle of the Octagon and stays there until the end of a hugely eventful first round.

Round Two:

Low leg kick for Henderson to start. He tries a high kick, but not much in it. Another leg kick, then a big body kick for Lombard.

Henderson unleashes, but just misses. Again he does so, and if he connects with that h-bomb, Lombard would be in big trouble. Lombard being patient here. He attempts a head kick.

Lombard attempts another head kick and this time it lands. Lombard catches his leg on it’s way down, but Henderson counters with a reverese elbow to the head and it knocks Lombard out cold. The ref doesn’t realize immediately though and so Hendo blasts him with two huge elbows on the mat before it’s all over with 1.27mins of the second round gone.

Sensational stuff. What a legend Hendo is, and if that is to be the final fight of his career, what a way to go out!

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