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Here’s The Joke That’s Resulted In Miguel Torres Being Cut From The UFC For A Second Time

Hard as it is to believe, it appears that bantamweight star Miguel Torres was cut from the UFC for posting an inappropriate joke about rape on Twitter, less than a year after he was briefly ejected from the organization for the exact same reason.

That’s the word according to The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer who’s been digging around to find out why the former WEC champ was unexpectedly released from his contract.

“They should never say stop, no and don’t,” Torres wrote back in May. “What you should hear is no don’t stop.”

The mind boggles as to why he’d say such a thing given that back in December he was briefly removed from the organization for the following joke on a similar theme.

“If a windowless van was called a surprise van, more people wouldn’t mind going for rides in them,” he wrote on that occasion. “Everyone likes surprises.”

On that occasion Torres was only welcomed back into the fold after making amends by taking rape sensitivity classes and making donations to local rape crisis centers.

Remarkably this time around Torres didn’t even apologize when fans criticized him for doing something he’d been punished for in the past.

“It’s ok for some and not for others. Everything I say is held to a double standard, if you don’t like my posts get off my timeline.”

Torres was released from the UFC later that month, though word didn’t get out about him being cut until last month. He’s since signed a new three-fight deal with upstart promotion ‘World Series Of Fighting.’

I just can’t get my head around this situation. The thing is Torres is an intelligent, articulate guy so he must surely have known what the consequences were going to be, and I think the UFC were right to swing the axe on this occasion.

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