Mike Perry Drops Hyun Gyu Lim Three Times To Earn TKO Win At UFC 202

Mike Perry made a big impression in his UFC debut, dropping Hyun Gyu Lim three times with punches to earn a first round TKO victory tonight at UFC 202.

Round One:

Lim looks absolutely enormous compared to Perry here. Perry with a punch that just misses, then lands a kick.

Another leg kick for Perry and a left hand too. He stumbles momentarily, but gets right back up and lands a hard leg kick.

Straight right for Lim. Olbique kick and then an outside leg kick for Perry. Now a punch to the body.

Left and a right for Lim. Perry lands a thunderous punch and drops Lim. Perry on top in side control and tries to mount, but then settles for a mounted crucifix instead.

He starts landing punches from this hugely advantageous position as Lim tries to escape. Lim does manage to stand which will be a big relief for him.

Good punch for Lim, but then Perry tags him again. Another powerful blow for Perry and Lim drops for the second time in this fight. It looked for a moment that was a wrap, but Lim is still conscious and the fight continues.

Perry working some ground and pound, but not going all out for the finish. He lets Lim stand, then hammers him with a left hand that sends him down face first to the mat.

Lim still narrowly avoiding being KO’d, but he’s taken a heck of a lot of punishment in a short space of time, and the ref rightly steps in to end the fight, giving Perry a huge TKO victory to mark his short notice UFC debut.

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