Islam Makhachev Submits Charles Oliveira To Win 155lb Title At UFC 280

Islam Makhachev is your new UFC Lightweight champion after he submitted Charles Oliveira in the second round today at UFC 280 in Abu Dhabi.

Round One:

The lightweight title main event is underway in Abu Dhabi!

Oliveira starts with a flying kick that doesn’t land. He does land a high body kick. Solid straight punch from Makhachev lands nicely.

Oliveira looking to strike, but Makhachev moves in and works a takedown. Immediately Oliveira has his legs up trying to work a triangle choke, but Makhachev escapes that and settles into his full guard.

Makhachev staying tight to his chest, but eventually Oliveira works for a leg lock and sweeps to stand back up, pressing Makhachev into the cage.

They exchange knees to the body, but then Makhachev with an excellent throw to land on top again. Makhachev in Oliveira’s closed guard and opting for tight control with just a few punches being attempted.

Makhachev mashing his elbow into Oliveira’s face while pressing him uncomfortably up against the cage.

Oliveira tying up Makhachev’s arm and head when he can. Nice punch from Makhachev and now he opens up with a few more.

Makhachev stands over Oliveira for a moment and eats an upkick for his troubles, but seems ok. He settles back down as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Oliveira with a nice right hand. Makhachev threatens with a kick. They go into the clinch. Oliveira trying a taekdown, but Makhachev stuffs it and presses him against the cage.

Oliveira with a knee to the body. Oliveira with double underhooks and tries for the takedown, but it doesn’t work out. He remains clinched up, but then Oliveira lands a knee to the body and breaks free.

Oliveira with a straight punch, but then Makhachev lands two of his own. Front kick to the body for Oliveira.

leg kick for Oliveira. Nice left and a right from Makhachev. Head kick attempt from Makhachev is blocked.

Right hand for Oliveira. Oliviera misses a couple of punches but stays committed to offense and does land one.

Oliveira tries a flying knee that misses and Makhachev responds by landing a big right hook that sinks Oliveira to the mat.

Makhachev follows him down and is immediately looking to set up an arm triangle. He’s got it in tight and that’s it, Oliveira soon taps out at 3.16mins of Rd2.

Amazing work from Makhachev to tap out the BJJ ace and win the lightweight title! And afterwards he confirms that he wants to fight featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski next, and Volkanovski steps into the Octagon to make it clear he’s up for this superfight challenge!

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