Jack Hermansson Beats Out Jacare Souza By Decision At UFC Fight Night 150

Jack Hermansson showed a tremendous workrate tonight as he outfought Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza to a unanimous decision victory at UFC Fight Night 150.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway in Florida.

Hermansson misses with his first leg kick of the night, but lands one soon after. Now an inside leg kick for him. Straight left for the underdog.

Body kick for Hermansson. Punch for Hermansson and then a strong counter hook from Jacare. Leg kick for Hermansson.

leg kick for Hermansson and Jacare counters with a right hand. jacare looks to clinch but not for long. BOdy punches for Jacare now.

jacare looking for punches to the body, but gets caught by punches and falls forward to the mat. He’s hurt and Hermansson sinks in a guillotine choke.

It’s Hermansson’s trademark submission, but he’s dealing with a BJJ master here and Souza does very well to defend that attempt, escape and get back to his feet.

Hermansson clinching up against the cage though and landing knees to the body. Jacare manages to get some space to land a punch and then escapes. Jab lands for Hermansson as the round ends.

Round Two:

Nice counter right from Jacare to start the second. Leg kick for Hermansson. Another lands. Jab for Hermansson. Overhand now that glances the target. Hard left hook for Jacare.

Body punch for Jacare and counter from Hermansson. leg kick for Jacare, immediate takedown in response from Hermansson. Nice work from him and he settles into Jacare’s guard.

Short punches landing from Hermansson. Keeping up a good pace here on top. Half the round remaining now. Elbow lands nicely.

Nice series of left hands land. Punches to the body, then back to the head. Choppy elbow strike lands now.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Hermansson. Another lands. He goes there a third time. He ducks in for a takedown attempt, but Jacare stuffs it.

Body kick for Hermansson. leg kick. Right hook for Jacare. Body punch and now another right. left hook to the body from the Brazilian.

Body kick from Hermansson. He plays out the jab then lands a kick. Jacare misses with a punch and Hermansson gets a counter right down the pipe.

Jacare marching forward now. He lands the njab. One-two for Hermansson. Jacare almost trips Hermansson. Body punch for Jacare and now a punch to the head. Again he lands a body strike and then upstairs with a big blow.

Jacare stuffs a takedown, but Hermansson stays clinched up. Not much doing though and they separate.

Crushing straight right for Jacare seems to hurt Hermansson. Jacare unleashing again. He goes for a knee strike. Another big punch lands and Hermansson falls to the mat, then gets right back up. He lands again and Jacare has really seized the momentum here heading into the fourth round.

Round Four:

Hermansson with an early takedown attempt that’s easily stuffed by Jacare, who landed a knee while Hermansson was close to being grounded.

Head kick attempt from Hermansson doesn’t quite pay off. He starts pumping out the jab. Good uppercut lands from Hermansson. Hermansson follows up with more punches and tags Jacare repeatedly, but doesn’t put him down. Jacare trying to fire back as well.

Body kick from Hermansson. Now a superman punch. Right hook for Jacare. Jab for Hermansson. He continues to work the jab. He’s landing it several times here. Right hand for Jacare. Jacare missing sometimes with these big loaded up right hands and is being less versatile than his opponent.

Hermansson still flicking out the jab. Another right gets through for Jacare. He wades forward with hooks. Now a body kick. Hermansson clinches and presses Jacare to the cage.

Jacare manages to free himself. Hermansson with a leg kick. Right hand now. A few right hands for Jacare. Jabs for Hermansson.

Round Five:

Hermansson motors forward with hooks and then into the clinch. Hermansson lands a takedown and has jacare’s back. Jacare stands back up though and Hermansson puts him back in the clinch. A throw from Jacare gets Hermansson down momentarily though.

Hermansson working behind the jab. Touching left and right combo from Hermansson. Misses punches from jacare and Hermansson responds with a knee to the body.

Jacare with a punch. Jabs feeling out from Hermansson. Over the top right hand from Jacare. Leg kick for Hermansson. Now a one-two.

left hand from Jacare bounces off the gloves. Left hook for him. Right hook for Jacare. Body punch from Jacare. left hook for Jacare. Now one to the body.

He lands to the body again. Again he lands a left hook to the body. Hermansson lands a punch. Again to the body for Jacare and ten a right hand.

Clubbing overhand right for Jacare. Another punch. Uppercut for Hermansson. Huge right for Jacare, but Hermansson eats it. Knee upstairs from Hermansson. Very nice trip takedown from Hermansson and settles into Jacare’s guard for the final seconds of the round. We’re headed to a decision.


Great performance from Hermansson here coming in on just a few weeks notice and emerging victorious via unanimous decision against one of the division’s top fighters (49-46, 48-47 x2).

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