Jake Matthews Submits Johnny Case In Third Round At UFC Fight Night 85

Jake Matthews

In a competitive battle of up and coming prospect at UFC Fight Night 85, the 21 year-old Jake Matthews showed his continued development with a late third round rear-naked choke finish against Johnny Case.

Round One:

Matthews with a solid one-two to start. Another hard punch for him. Now a leg kick.

Body kick for Case. Both men exchange and Matthews gets the better of it with a right hand. Now Case maurading forward.

Push kick for Case, but Matthews caught it and almost worked a takedown from it before Case got his leg free.

Little bit of a wild swing from Matthews and Case counters. Another exchange in close and Case gets the upper hand this time.

Matthews works to the body with punches. Leg kick for Case. Matthews looks for a takedown, but Case is lightning fast as he stuffs it and scrambles on top.

Matthews is soon back up though with two minutes remaining in the round. Right hand for Matthews. Moving backwards Case lands a left hook counter.

Thumping right hand snaps Case’s head back, but he seems ok and continues to press forward. Jab for Matthews. He catches a kick from Case and then lands a punch.

Powerful left hand lands for Case. Final seconds of the round and Case lands a right and Matthews tries to fire back.

Round Two:

Case takes the center of the Octagon to start the second round. Matthews with a body kick.

Case almost times a jumping knee nicely as Matthews comes in. Straight right and a push kick from Case.

Matthews continues to be happy to work on the outside for the most part. Case lands a leg kick. Matthews tries to go upstairs with a head kick, but Case backs away.

Solid body kick from Matthews. Suddenly they scramble as the fight goes to the mat and Matthews tries to roll into a triangle choke attempt. Case defending for now though and is able to break free of it and postures above his opponent and lands a few solid ground and pound strikes.

Matthews rolls to his knees and is turtled with Case keeping him down. A couple of punches to the head for Case. Matthews rolls to his back. Case in half guard, then Matthews is back onto his knees and attempts to stand.

Case presses Matthews against the cage. Case lands a knee as they break free.

Leg kick for Case. Body kick in return for Matthews and Case seems to be struggling with those shots to the midsection.

Case able to take down Matthews and is in side control this time as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Matthews misses with a body kick. Case lands one of his own, though it doesn’t land hard.

Another body kick for Case. Now one in response from Matthews. Case thinks about a takedown briefly, then abandons it. Matthews looks to clinch but they quickly separate again.

Matthews darts forward with a couple of punches then a body kick. Kick to the midsection for Case and two body punches in return for Matthews.

Another body punch for Matthews. Winging overhand from Matthews just misses. Left hand does connect though and Case didn’t like that and is trying to get the fight to the mat again. Matthews able to stuff it though.

Left hand for Case. Leg kick for Matthews. Push kick for Case and then into the clinch against the cage. He works for a couple of foot stompts. Nice knee strike in close from Matthews.

Case is low working the takedown and Matthews is able to take his back and pulls him down. Matthews has his back and starts landing some ground and pound. Now he’s working a rear-naked choke and it looks deep, but Case defends and survives.

Case out of the choke, but Matthews staying locked on his back and continuing to work hard in the closing stages of this fight. He sinks in the rear-naked choke again and this time Case isn’t able to break free and is forced to tap with only 15 seconds of the fight remaining!

Great win for the 21 year-old Matthews against another talented prospect.

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