James Vick upset Australian up and comer Jake Matthews tonight at UFC Fight Night 65, catching him in a tight guillotine choke late in the first round to remain undefeated.

Round One:

Matthews steps forward immediately with a two-piece combo. Continuing to take the center of the Octagon he throws another punch. He connects with a hook and then is into the clinch looking for a potential takedown, but Vick defends it for now.

Matthews continuing to work here against the cage an almost gets Vick down, but he only goes to a knee and then stands again. However, Matthews then gets deep on a double leg, hoists Vick up on his shoulder and slams him to the mat.

Credit to Vick though as he gets back upright and Matthews opts to move out of the clinch.

Matthew targest the body with a punch. Vick fires off a few punches. Matthews clocks him with a hard hook. The right hand landing nicely for Matthews at this stage in the fight.

Vick puts a little more pressure going forward now. He lands a nice uppercut. Matthews now with straight punches to back up Vick a little. Matthews tries a spinning backfist and ends up getting caught with an eye poke in the process which forces a stoppage.

Matthews is ok to continue and they get back to it. Vick looking to take the center of the Octagon, but Matthews fires off another two-piece combo. Vick jumps in with knees and Matthews tries for a takedown.

Matthews battling for this, but Vick lands a couple of uppercuts inside and then suddenly has a standing guillotine choke with his back against the cage. He drops down to the mat with this and it’s very deep. Matthews frantically taps and this one is all over, Vick gets the submission victory at 4.53mins of the first round!

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