Jamie Mullarkey Beats Michael Johnson By Split Decision At UFC On ESPN 39

Jamie Mullarkey narrowly emerged with a split decision victory over Michael Johnson tonight at UFC On ESPN 39.

Round One:

Leg kick for Mullarkey. Now a jab lands. Head kick attempt doesn’t connect. Body punch now for Mullarkey. Left hand gets through for Johnson. Mullarkey lands the jab.

Calf kick from Mullarkey. Short right hand from Johnson. Mullarkey comes forward and Johnson peppers him with a fast flurry of punches.

Body kick for Mullarkey. Johnson misses on a loaded up punch. Leg kick for Mullarkey. Jab to the body from Johnson.

Another leg kick from Mullarkey. Body punch for JOhnson. Jab from Mullarkey. Johnson lands a straight left.

Mullarkey steps into range and gets blasted by another flurry of punches from Johnson that drops him. Mullarkey dazed but rolls onto his knees. Johnson taking his time and Mullarkey manages to dust off the cobwebs and gets back to his feet.

Leg kick for Mullarkey. Mullarkey with a lengthy jab and then a head kick attempt. Fists fly at close range and now it’s Johnson who drops.

Johnson back up before the end of the round and they both big hooks in close and they only just whistle past each others heads.

Round Two:

Leg kick from Mullarkey. He gets the jab through. Now a right too. calf kick. Another lands. Body punch from Johnson.

Three-piece flurry from Johnson. Heavy right hand from Mullarkey. Solid body punch from Johnson. Head kick from Mullarkey. Now leg kicks and a body punch.

Front kick to the body for Mullarkey. Straight left from Johnson. A couple of hooks from Mullarkey. Mullarkey marching forward with confidence now. He lands a right hand and then clinches to land a knee.

Johnson on the back foot and Mullarkey clinches up against the cage looking for more strikes. Johnson able to get off the cage and gets back to striking range after taking a few elbows.

Leg kick from Mullarkey. Now a body punch. Jab lands and Johnson lands on the counter too. Leg kick for Johnson. Jab from Mullarkey.

Solid one-two from Johnson. Calf kick from Mullarkey. Jab for Johnson. He lands to the body and then upstairs. Johnson in on a takedown, but Mullarkey quickly gets up. Johnson in the clinch, but Mullarkey landing knees and then they break.

Head kick from Mullarkey and Johnson’s legs seemed to stiffen for a moment from that. Gritty work in close and Johnson lands, but Mullarkey is still the aggressor.

Round Three:

Mullarkey looks for a jab but Johnson lands on the counter. Johnson starts working the jab. Now a punch to the body.

Body kick from Mullarkey. Nice right hand from Mullarkey. He misses on a hook. Johnson with the jab and left hand.

Jab forJohnson. Hook from Mullarkey. Johnson pumping out the jab nicely. Right and a left graze the target from Mullarkey. Johnson returns fire. Big kick from Mullarkey.

Another solid body kick from Mullarkey. Now a leg kick. Body kick from Mullarkey, but Johnson lands a hard counter punch.

Another big connection from Johnson now. Mullarkey gets through with a right hand. Another nice counter from Johnson. Mullarkey diving in on a takedown attempt, but it’s stuffed and they go into the clinch. KNee to the body from Mullarkey, but Johnson presses him into the cage.

Mullarkey breaks free. Right hand from Mullarkey. Now a head kick attempt, but not much power in that one. Right hand for Mullarkey.

Left and a right for Johnson. He’s working the jab. Mullarkey tries to land his. Head kick attempt from Mullarkey again.

Final 10 seconds and Mullarkey starts hurling big hooks but Johnson evades them and we’re heading to the scorecards.


A battling back-and-forth performance from both men leaves the judges with a tough call here, and they aren’t all in agreement on who should emerge with their hand raised, but in the end it’s Mullarkey who emerges with a split decision victory (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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