At times Jamie Varner and Abel Trujillo were embroiled in an all-out brawl in the opening fight of UFC 169’s main card and in the end it was Trujillo who landed the definitive blow that ended the contest in devastating fashion.

Round One:

Both men pressing forward, but faking with strikes. Trujillo throws big shots, but Varner backs away out of danger. Push kick lands from Varner. Trujillo wings a punch that whistles past Varner’s head. In close the same thing happens again with another couple of blows. Another exchange toe-to-toe and this time Trujillo connects before they break apart. Trujillo really swinging for the fences in these early stages, then he tries a takedown, but it’s Varner who ends up on top and then takes his opponent’s back in the middle of the cage. Varner jockeying for position and ends up in north south position looking for the choke. Varner attempting to get his position right, while Trujillo offers a thumbs up to show he’s ok despite the potentially dangerous spot. Varner continues with the technique for a while longer, then gives it up and tries to improve his position, but Trujillo finds space and gets back up. On the feet they start trading bombs and Varner takes a few big shots. Final 10 seconds now and Trujillo lands some more winging punches before the bell.

Round Two:

Trujillo looking to pick up where he left off and starts unleashing big blows again, but Varner steers clear. Varner circling a lot now to try to negate the threat. Then he uncorks a good punch that appears to wobble Trujillo and it’s his turn to press forward with a flurry of strikes. Trujillo gets some space to get his bearings, but then Varner moves in again and starts hurling left and rights and he’s having to absorb some big punishment. Against the cage Varner is going all out for the finish and continues to clock him, but his arms look like they are tiring and his punches are coming slower, sloppier and with less power now. Then Trujillo bites down on his gumshield and lands a huge right hand flush and it sends Varner face first down to the canvas, knocked out cold! This fight is over in spectacular style with 2.32mins gone in the second round.