Jared Rosholt Grinds To Decision Win Over Stefan Struve At UFC 193

With a typically grinding, workmanlike performance on the mat Jared Rosholt was able to earn a unanimous decision victory over Stefan Struve tonight at UFC 193.

Round One:

The two fighters feeling each other out from distance to start and the size advantage for Struve is very apparent as always. Rosholt charges forward and slings a strike, but it’s nowhere near landing, though he does connect with a leg kick afterwards.

Struve with a front kick and a punch behind it. Rosholt wings another hard punch that misses. He settles for a kick to the leg.

Struve presses forward and Rosholt lands to the body with a couple of punches. Another leg kick for Rosholt and Struve tries to counter with a punch.

Body kick from Struve. Rosholt suddenly in on a takedown and lands it, moving immediately to side control. He starts landing a few elbows. Struve scrambling and tries to bring Rosholt back to full guard. Rosholt stands over him and waits his opportunity to come back down and ends up in half-guard.

Rosholt just staying heavy here, then moves to side control. Not much action from Rosholt here and Struve is trying to escape. He gets Rosholt back to full guard and that’s how the round ends.

Round Two:

Struve back to pressing forward, but like the first round he’s not offering up much offense. He lands a single strike and Rosholt backs away.

Rosholt with a right hand high to the body. Struve with a front kick to the body. Rosholt with a solid leg kick. Rosholt ducks into a single leg, but Struve defends as he presses him to the cage. Rosholt just holding the position and Struve is able to move away.

Finally a combination of punches for Struve, but Rosholt backs away. Now Rosholt is in on a single leg again and this time he trips him to complete the takedown. Rosholt into side control again, but Struve fights back to half guard momentarily, almost sweeps and then stands. Rosholt still on him though and drags him back to the mat.

Rosholt in side control again. Not much happening again, just happy to maintain position and Herb Dean warns him to stay busy. Rosholt stands and almost eats an upkick on the way back down into Struve’s guard. He manages to get half guard and continues to control the action. Rosholt tries a big winging punch, but misses and while he’s off-balance Struve tries to work a submission. There’s not enough time to do so, but he lands a few elbows to the head from his back to end the round.

Round Three:

Again Struve backs Rosholt up, but he needs to start letting his strikes go. He lands a leg kick. Struve with a left hand and Rosholt comes up short with a counter. Struve lands a solid jab, then again. He misses with a right and Rosholt throws up a knee.

Right hand gets through for Struve. He lands a left and a right. Now a leg kick. Three minutes to go and Rosholt down on a single leg, but Struve stuffs it.

Struve almost times a nice knee strike, but immediately after Rosholt goes for a takedown and while it’s stuffed Rosholt presses him up against the cage. Struve is able to work his way out of that though.

Right hand for Struve. He goes upstairs with a head kick, but it grazes over Rosholt’s head. Rosholt clinching now, but Struve shrugs him off.

Front kick to the body for Struve. He lands a right hand and Rosholt momentarily runs away as Struve chases after him with more offense.

Rosholt stumbles as he tries to move away from the bigger man just as Struve lands a punch. Rosholt responds immediately with a takedown. Struve manages to get up fairly quickly though Rosholt shoves him and he stumbles to the mat for a second before getting back up.

Struve trying to land something, but Rosholt just turns and runs away. Struve frustrated, but closes the distance and lands a nice throw to get on top of Rosholt for the first time. He tries to land, but the clock is against him and this one’s headed to a judges decision.

Round Three:

Not much action here, but Rosholt’s takedowns and spells of control were enough to earn him a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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