Troubled ex-fighter Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller once again found himself in a jail cell on Sunday after being arrested and charged with domestic violence.

The former UFC fighter who retired last year was arrested at 8am this morning at his home in California detained at the Santa Ana jail complex with bail set at $50,000.

That bail has since been paid and he was released into the care of his parents just after midnight.

‘Mayhem’ was previous arrested almost exactly one year ago after being found by police naked in a local church which he had broken into and spray-painted.  On that occasion ‘Mayhem’ was bailed and the charges were later dropped.

The 32 year-old’s behaviour has been erratic at times since.  In October of last year he had a bizarre appearance on ‘The MMA Hour’ radio show with Ariel Helwani, pretending to be ‘Lucky Patrick’, a character he was playing in an upcoming Kevin Smith movie, and refusing to answer questions unless they were about his alter-ego.  Later he became agitated and after starting to throw things around the studio he suddenly got up and walked out.

The ‘Lucky Patrick’ phase didn’t last long and for a while it seemed as if ‘Mayhem’ had calmed down a little, though just last month there was another potential warning sign when he suddenly produced a knife and started making amendments to the t-shirt he was wearing during an interview on FOX 11 Sports.

Given his past brushes with the law ‘Mayhem’s’ on thin ice now and if these charges stick then he could find himself potentially facing a prison sentence of up to three years.