An official police report sheds new light on the circumstances which resulted in former fighter Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller being arrested for domestic violence this past weekend.

According to the report police were contacted by the unnamed female victim on Saturday to report that she had been the subject of domestic violence exactly a week earlier after an argument erupted over a text message found on Miller’s phone.

Police took a statement from the alleged victim which logged details of the injuries sustained, including, “multiple bruises covering both arms and both legs, laceration and bleeding above right eyebrow (approx. 1.5” wide), and laceration to the right side of face (approx. 1.5” wide). No property or weapons involved.”

‘Mayhem’ was not available to give his statement at that time, however in the early hours of the following Sunday morning police were then called to his home again due to loud music being played, and when they arrived Miller was found arguing with his neighbors.

Due to the prior statement given by the victim he was then arrested and charged with domestic violence.

His $50,000 bail bond has since been paid and he was released into the care of his parents on Monday. If found guilty a charge of domestic violence could result in a potential 2-4 year prison sentence.