It’s no secret that Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller has gone off the rails lately – being arrested naked in a church just a few months ago removed any doubts in that regard – and unfortunately a bizarre appearance on Ariel Helwani’s ‘The MMA Hour’ radio show suggests that all is still not well with the former MMA star.

During an interview with Helwani, ‘Mayhem’ pretended to play the role of ‘Lucky Patrick’, an acting role he has in the new MMA-based movie ‘Here Comes The Boom’ directed by Kevin James which comes out later this week.

That made for an awkward conversation, but despite Helwani’s attempts to get through to the “real” Jason Miller, his pleas fell on deaf ears.

As the interview continued ‘Mayhem’ began to get more out-of-control, knocking over items on the desk he was sitting at and messing around with the mic and camera equipment.

Then he suddenly stormed out of the studio, forcing Helwani to call a break to the program while he left the studio to try to convince the fighter to come back.

After 15 minute Helwani returned without ‘Mayhem’ and made it clear that nothing that viewers had just watched had been planned and that he was concerned for the troubled star’s well-being.

The whole incident certainly didn’t look staged, and it fits in with the erratic behavior that Miller has shown since being released from the UFC back in May and soon after announcing his retirement from the sport.

UFC president Dana White told media reporters around the time of Miller’s church arrest that the fighter had been dealing with personal problems and was on medication.

Watch the full interview and the aftermath in the video below courtesy of SBNation.

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