Jeremy Stephens Released From Custody In Iowa After 12 Days

UFC fighter Jeremy Stephens has been released from custody at the Polk County Jail in Iowa, 12 days after he was arrested on an outstanding warrant for allegedly assaulting a man outside a bar.

The story originally came to light because Stephens was arrested on the eve of a fight at UFC On FX 5, a fact that caused an angry UFC president Dana White to claim that the Iowa police had a grudge against the fighter and were deliberately trying to make life difficult for him.

Despite his best efforts White was unable to get Stephens out on bail in time to fight the next night, but since being transferred to Polk County Jail, Stephens bail had been set at $100,000, and that’s now been paid, though it’s not been disclosed who did stumped up the cash.

Stephens management have however released a statement in which they confirm his release and continue to maintain that he is innocent of the charges against him.

Read what they had to say below.

“Jeremy was released from custody from the Polk County Jail. As you know, Jeremy has spent the last twelve days incarcerated, both in Iowa and Minnesota, missing his October 5 UFC fight against Yves Edwards, as well as many lucrative financial opportunities associated with that bout.

While Jeremy’s employer (UFC), his family, friends, and loyal fans have stood behind him, certainly the recent events have garnered some negative media attention.

Jeremy felt it was very important to thank each and every one of those who have stood by his side during this tough time. He wanted everyone to know that despite the negative situation that he’s been placed in, he has remained upbeat and positive, reflecting on the opportunities that have been and will be presented to him, reflecting on his family, and his firm believe in his innocence.

Jeremy’s legal team is already hard at work to prove what many already know; he is not guilty of the crimes he’s been accused of.”


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