Jessica Andrade TKO’s Cynthia Calvillo Late In 1st Round At UFC 266

Jessica Andrade’s firepower proved too much for Cynthia Calvillo tonight at UFC 266, putting her on the back foot early on and then finding a TKO finish with just seconds of the round remaining.

Round One:

Both miss with their first kicks of the fight as they look to find their range. Calvillo moving back and forth on the outside.

Leg kick for Andrade. Head kick attempt from Calvillo. Side kick to the body from Calvillo. Left and right hooks from Andrade, though Calvillo also landed in that exchange.

Outside leg kick from Andrade. One on the inside in return from Calvillo. Another leg kick from Andrade and Calvillo throws out a one-two.

Left hook and then a right leg kick from Andrade. Andrade ducks under a punch and then lands a hard punch of her own. Jab from Calvillo.

Solid leg kick from Andrade and Calvillo returns the favor. Heavy punches from Andrade. Calvillo with the jab. Another winging hook from Andrade.

Leg kick again from Andrade. Lots of pressure from her but Calvillo is firing back off the back foot. Flurry of left hands from Andrade.

Front kick to the body from Calvillo. Kick from Andrade and Calvillo tried to catch that. Side kick to the body from Calvillo.

Overhand from Calvillo and left hands in response from Andrade. Andrade swarms with a series of strikes. Andrade continues to chase her as she backs away, landing a big left hook followed by an uppercut in the midst of a flurry and Calvillo seems to be hurt now.

Calvillo starts to cover up in a defensive shell against the cage as Andrade continues to unleash heavy strikes in the final 10 seconds of the round, and at the 4.54min mark the referee has seen enough and steps in to end the fight, giving Andrade a big TKO victory.

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