Jessica Andrade TKO’s Katlyn Chookagian With Body Shot At UFC Fight Night 180

Jessica Andrade made an immediate impression at flyweight tonight in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 180 by TKO’ing No.1 contender Katyln Chookagian with powerful body shots late in the opening round.

Round One:

Andrade wades forward throwing out left hooks that don’t land. Push kick attempt from Chookagian, but Andrade muscles into an early clinch against the cage.

Andrade does nicely to bring Chookagian to the mat while turning her away from the cage. Chookagian gets her legs up and threatens with an armbar attempt. Andrade able to escape that and stands over her. Chookagian able to stand though.

Andrade straight into the clinch against the cage again. Chookagian briefly reverses, but then Andrade gets back to the advantageous position and lands some knees to the thigh.

They separate now. Missed punches from Chookagian. Hard leg kick from Andrade puts Chookagian down. She gets back up. Chookagian with a huge reach advantage here, but not finding her range so far.

Andrade clinches up again and marches her over to the cage as Chookagian tries for a few light strikes in the mean time.

Andrade backs up to striking range again. Punches missing again from Chookagian but she does land a nice knee.

Low kick for Andrade and a punch upstairs. Chookagian with a punch. Body punch from Andrade. Andrade almost waded into a knee there, but just held back from it.

Andrade wading through Chookagian’s offense to close the distance and clinch up, then land a powerful takedown.

Chookagian gets back upright and presses Andrade to the cage. Andrade still has hold of her neck, but Chookagian gets away from that. Chookagian lands a knee upstairs.

Chookagian with an elbow strike, but just then Andrade lands a powerful hook to the body and Chookagian backs up grimacing in pain. Andrade registers what’s just happened for a second and then rushes forward with a flying knee to the body and then follow-up punches to the midsection, with another hook to the other side of the body folding Chookagian to the canvas for the TKO finish with only five seconds of the opening round remaining!

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