Jessica Penne Decisions Randa Markos At TUF 20 Finale

Jessica Penne’s excellent grappling skills helped her to a split decision victory in a competitive match-up with Randa Markos on the main card of the TUF 20 Finale tonight in Las Vegas.

Round One:

Penne takes the center of the Octagon and pumps out the jab. Markos comes in aggressively though and lands strikes before getting into the clinch.

Penne with a great throw though and is on top in side control. Markos already bleeding from a cut close to her right eye.

Penne moves up to a high mount, but Markos scrambles and gets on top. They continue to scramble and Penne is back on top in half guard looking for stability. She’s looking for mount, but Markos trying to stop it. She briefly gets it, but as she postures up and lands strikes Markos scrambles again and ends up on top.

Markos stands over Penne landing a couple of kicks and Penne threatens with upkicks from her back. Markos down into Penne’s guard and immediately is caught up in a triangle attempt. Markos out of that, but Penne still has her legs up high looking for opportunities.

Markos landing some good ground and pound, but Penne takes her off-balance with a foot sweep and is back on top yet again. Markos really sporting a significant amount of blood now to that right eye cut she received earlier.

Round Two

Nice uppercut lands from Markos in the opening striking exchange of the second round. Markos working some nice strikes here including a solid superman punch.

Penne trying to close the distance, but Markos remains aggressive with her strikes and takes her down. Markos stays up though so Penne gets up soon after.

Back to the striking they go and Markos continues to land better in the exchanges, with her right hand in particular regularly finding it’s mark.

Big right hook connects for Markos. Penne would do well to get this fight back to the mat as she’s coming off second best in the stand-up. Penne continuing to push the pace on the feet though. Markos marches forward with a flurry of strikes that land hard.

Penne with a right hand and a kick. Markos takes her down and Penne almost immediately tries to get on top with a foot sweep. Markos keeps her balance though and stays on top. Penne is remarkably flexible though and manages to use that to find her way on top.

Penne working from half-guard and postures up to land some strong ground and pound. Good work from her, but the round comes to a close and Markos enjoyed a longer spell in the ascendancy in that fight minute period.

Round Three:

Penne with a jab and Markos throws a spinning backfist. Markos back to being aggressive when she throws while Penne continues to take the center of the Octagon, but isn’t landing with the same authority.

Markos letting go with a few more spinning backfists here. Punch lands for Penne cleanly, but soon after Markos connects with an uppercut.

Another flurry coming forward from Markos. Penne with knees in the clinch. Markos continuing to land better, so Penne suddenly swoops in on a takedown and lands it with almost exactly half the round remaining.

Markos throwing up a submission attempt from her back, but Penne shakes that off and moves to Markos back. Penne trying for a rear-naked choke from a slightly awkward angle, but Markos escapes and gets her back to the canvas.

Penne staying very busy on top, throwing a little caution to the wind as she tries to improve her position and it costs her as she gets caught in an inverted triangle attempt from Markos. Good job from Markos, but Penne stays on top and keeps her composure to make it to the end of the round.


No real loser in this enjoyable fight between two skilled 115lbers, but on the scorecards its Penne’s slick groundwork that wins the day, earning her the split decision victory (28-29, 30-27, 29-28).

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