Jim Miller Chokes Yancy Medeiros Unconscious At UFC 172

Jim Miller was in-form tonight at UFC 172, choking Yancy Medeiros unconscious in the first round after initially hurting him with a body shot on the feet.

Round One:

Feeling out process to begin and Medeiros tries for a body kick and Miller for a leg kick. Medeiros with a front kick to the body that glances it’s target.

Leg kick checked by Miller. Kick from Medeiros is almost caught by Miller.

Medeiros persisting with front kicks to the body in the early stages of this fight. Miller knocks him off-balance slightly.

A big punch to the body from Miller seems to land hard, but Medeiros waves him on. He might be bluffing though as he seems like he could be hurt and Miller presses forward with a flurry.

Now he’s dropping down with a tight guillotine choke. Miller’s cranking on it and Medeiros is trying to hang tough.

Miller’s got no intention of easing up though and unfortunately for Medeiros that means he’s going to sleep! The referee realizes he’s out cold and stops the fight with 3.18mins of the first round gone.

Miller being very respectful to Medeiros, waiting until he comes too before getting up and fully celebrating a very nice submission victory.


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