Jim Miller TKO’s Nikolas Motta In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 201

Jim Miller showed there’s still life in the old dog tonight at UFC Fight Night 201 as he racked up another big finish via strikes against Nikolas Motta, TKO’ing him in the second round on the mat after dropping him with a right hook.

Round One:

Leg kick for Miller. One-two for the veteran. Motta with a right hand as Miller looks to unleash a combination.

Elbow from Miller. Miller drives forward with another couple of punches. High kick attempt from Miller but then gets caught by a big punch and has to steady himself after that.

Inside leg kick for Miller. Punch for Motta and Miller counters with a punch of his own. Inside leg kick for Miller again. Now one to the outside.

Right hand from Motta as he tries to split the guard. Inside leg kick from Miller knocks Motta off-balance as he was trying to throw a punch.

Miller going back to the low kick again and now a short flurry of punches that don’t quite connect. Right hook for Miler. Now another three-punch combo as he drives forward.

Inside leg kick from Miller. Short flurry of punches from Motta as Miller was coming forward. Inside leg kick from Miller as Motta counters with a straight punch.

Straight left and a hook for Miller. Now an inside kick. Superman punch for Miller now and thinks about a takedown. He works into the clinch. Miller with a few knees to the legs. Motta able to break free.

Head kick attempt from Motta gets through, but doesn’t have enough steam behind it to trouble Miller.

Miller lands a couple more inside leg kicks to end the round.

Round Two:

Miller looks for a jab and Motta lands for a right hand at the same time. Miller back to the inside leg kicks. He tries to clinch, but Motta breaks free. Motta tries for a head kick that’s blocked.

Outside leg kick from Miller. Motta misses a hook and Miller lands his own on the counter. Miller pressuring Motta. Motta trying to land counters on the back foot.

Big head kick attempt from Motta is blocked again. Big step-in right hook for Miller drops Motta! He follows him down and swarms him with punches. The ref gives Motta time to recover, but the punches continue and that’s it, Miller wins by TKO at 1.58mins of the second round!

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