Jim Miller got back to winning ways tonight at UFC 168 with a first round submission finish against Fabrico Camoes.

Round One:

Camoes with a swift kick in the opening thirty seconds. Miller pushing forward with a hook, but it doesn’t land.

Camoes goes for the clinch and pushes Miller up against the cage. They break apart though and Camoes lands a nice punch on the way out.

They exchange in close with both landing punches. A kick from Camoes and it’s blocked. They trade again and Camoes lands with a crack.

Both surprisingly eager to trade toe-to-toe for brief flurries in this opening round and so far Camoes is slightly edging the exchanges.

Camoes connects with a glancing head kick, but Miller uses that to land a takedown. He tries to unleash some punches, but Camoes manages to turn the situation around and now he gets on top inside Miller’s guard.

Now it’s Camoes trying to land punches, but Miller suddenly throws up his legs and goes for an armbar attempt. Camoes seems ok at first, but then suddenly he’s tapping and Miller has himself a submission finish with 3.42mins of the first round gone!