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Jim Miller TKO’s Takanori Gomi In The First Round At UFC 200

Jim Miller kicked off UFC 200’s preliminary card with an easy victory over Takanori Gomi, taking him down early in the fight, moving to his back and then finishing him off with ground and pound.

Round One:

The first prelim bout of UFC 200 is about to get underway and it has to be said that the UFC’s decision to go with an unsightly yellow Octagon mat for such an historic event was a bad choice. It’s like they rented the old UK promotion Cage Rage’s mat for a night.

Weird choice, but as long as the fight’s are good, that’s all that matters though.

Miller with a left hand to start. Now a right hook for him. As Gomi comes in he clocks him with a left.

Miller catches a kick and gets Gomi to the mat. Immediately Miller takes his back with Gomi on his knees.

Miller locks in the body triangle and starts to work for the rear-naked choke from his back.

Miller flattens out Gomi on the mat and starts battering him with ground and pound. Gomi’s just covering up and doing nothing to get out of this, and so as the punches continue to hammer down the referee stops the fight, handing Miller the TKO victory with 2.18mins on the clock.

This bout pretty much confirms previous suspicions that Gomi should retire as he’s a shadow of his former self now, while Miller lives on to fight another day.

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