Jimi Manuwa Claims TKO Win Over Ryan Jimmo After Injury at UFC Fight Night 30

Jimi Manuwa claimed a TKO victory at UFC Fight Night 30 this evening in unfortunate fashion as his opponent Ryan Jimmo couldn’t continue after a leg injury in the second round.

Round One

Jimmo comes out aggressively with a punch, but Manuwa’s not phased and returns fire.

Jimmo tries a kick and Manuwa thinks about a takedown, but can’t shift his opponent. Jimmo clinches up and presses Manuwa against the cage.

Nothing doing there though and the referee breaks them apart. They exchange in the center of the Octagon and then it’s Manuwa’s turn to utilize the clinch against the cage.

Some knees to the legs from Manuwa and he’s trying to disrupt Jimmo’s balance for a takedown without success.

They jostle for a dominant position against the cage and Manuwa continues to land hard knees to the legs which Jimmo clearly doesn’t like.

The ref breaks them up and they reset in the center. Manuwa cracks off a hard body kick. Soon after Jimmo lands one of his own and Manuwa responds with a leg kick.

Manuwa seems to have a bit more power in his kicks so far. Jimmo’s showing a bit more movement now. He rushes in with a punch then backs out. Manuwa unloads a couple more leg kicks and wings a left hook in his opponent’s direction as the round comes to a close.

Round Two

Nice stepping hook from Manuwa to start the round and Jimmo swings him around to clinch against the cage. It’s his turn to land a few knee strikes to the legs before they are separated.

Manuwa lands a good kick when the action begins again. Jimmo steps in with the jab and Manuwa counters with a low leg kick.

Another nasty leg kick from Manuwa. Jimmo scores with a body kick.

Manuwa presses forward with a knee to the body then into the clinch on the cage. Jimmo reverses position and lands a few knees. one strays low from Manuwa and forces a brief stoppage.

Back to it they go and another chopping low leg kick lands for Manuwa. Jimmo closes distance and we’re back yet again to the clinch battle. The referee’s right on their case though and soon splits them up.

Manuwa presses forward aggressively, but has to settle for the clinch himself.

They break apart and there’s a nice strike from Jimmo. Manuwa lands a hard knee to the head and Jimmo backs up. He seems ok initially, but then suddenly falls awkwardly to the mat. It’s unclear exactly what happened, but it looks as if he hurt either his ankle or his leg as he moved away after the strike.

Either way, that’s the end of the fight as Jimmo can’t continue, so Manuwa earns a TKO victory at of the second round.


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