Jan Blachowicz Defeats Jimi Manuwa By Decision In Rematch At UFC Fight Night 127

Jan Blachowicz got his revenge over Jimi Manuwa tonight at UFC Fight Night 127 and potentially set up a trilogy fight between them with a unanimous decision victory

Round One:

Manuwa firs off an early head kick attempt that’s blocked. He’s taking the center of the Octagon as you would expect. Blachowicz with a cautious leg kick. Manuwa firing out the jab.

Manuwa trying for another head kick again. Now Blachowicz tries for a head kick of his own. One-two for Blachowicz. Body punch for Manuwa and then a kick.

Hard leg kick for Manuwa. Now a body kick. Blachowicz tries for a head kick that’s blocked. Blachowicz feeling out with the jab.

Right hands for Blachowicz and they are landing and he puts Manuwa down. Manuwa manges to gets back to his feet but his nose is bloodied and he might not fully have his bearings here.

Back to striking range and Blachowicz comes forward again with punches down the pipe and Manuwa looks wobbled again, but stays upright and defends a takedown attempt nicely.

Manuwa’s face smeared with blood as Blachowicz presses him up against the cage. Blachowicz breaks away and lands a few punches on the way.

Manuwa starting to come forward again. Blachowicz catches Manuwa with a nice counter. Both men getting fired up here and Manuwa wades in throwing punches and a kick as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

High kick from Manuwa. Low kick for Blachowicz. Another lands low. Blachowicz snaps his jab to Manuwa’s already damaged nose. Leg kick for Manuwa. Both men sling heavy leather.

Manuwa pressing forward and avoids Blachowicz’s hooks and then lands one of his own. Blachowicz with punches down the pipe and Manuwa’s legs stiffened momentarily there.

Side kick to the head from Manuwa and then tries to land a punch behind it. He wings another big punch, but Blachowicz avoids it and works into the clinch, pressing Manuwa up against the cage.

Manuwa with knees to the body at close range. Manuwa tries to sweep Blachowicz to the mat, but Blachowicz ends up on top. Manuwa back up though.

Manuwa with some hard punches and Blachowicz looked troubled by that and immediately goes for the clinch to stifle that offense.

He buys some time there and then Manuwa breaks free. Blachowicz now sporting some blood on his face and Manuwa is loading up with his punches as he tries to shift the momentum of the fight back in his favor.

Head kick from Manuwa and it doesn’t land fully, but it was enough to stagger Blachowicz a bit. He’s taking it well under the circumstances, but that will give Manuwa some confidence going into the third round.

Round Three:

leg kick for Blachowicz. Body kick for Blachowicz. Manuwa stalking. He lands a leg kick. Left hook for Manuwa and then he gets his head snapped back by a hook from Blachowicz.

Jab from Manuwa. Right hand counter for Blachowicz. Body kick for Manuwa. Low kick for Blachowicz. two kicks in quick succession from Manuwa.

Jab for Blachowicz. high kick to the body from Blachowicz. Hard high kick from Manuwa. Blachowicz with a couple of nice punches as he looks to keep the advancing Manuwa at bay. His straight punches are proving effective in that regard.

Body kick off punches from Blachowicz. left body kick for Manuwa. Final 30 seconds and Blachowicz drives in for a takedown and lands it. Good strategy for him and he’s able to ride out the final seconds of the round on top.


A solid performance from Blachowicz here then to avoid the worst of Manuwa’s offense and land some punishing blows of his own and it earns him a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x2, 30-27).

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