Joanne Calderwood Defeats Cortney Casey By Decision At UFC Fight Night 72

Joanne Calderwood found herself in a real fight with late replacment Cortney Casey in the early stage of the opening round tonight at UFC Fight Night 72 in her native Glasgow, Scotland, but as the bout progressed she began to dominate the action in all facets, from striking to the clinch and on the mat en-route to a decision victory.

Round One:

Calderwood with a low kick. They exchange early and Casey steps forward trading heavy leather that puts Calderwood on the back foot and a little dazed.

Calderwood clinches up and pushes up against the cage to buy some time after that flurry.

Casey tries a flying armbar that doesn’t pay off and they both hit the mat with Calderwood on top. Calderwood looking to land a little ground and pound, but Casey’s doing a good job of stopping her from getting too much off.

Good elbow from Calderwood. Casey with a heel hook attempt and Calderwood defends with her back against the cage. Casey with a punch from bottom as she persists with this attempt and tries to improve her position. Calderwood denies that though and ends up back on top.

Final 30 seconds of the round and Casey’s trying to land some elbows from the bottom. Calderwood landing some hammerfists and they are both trading on the mat to end the round! Close round.

Round Two:

Calderwood with a kick to the midsection. Now one to the leg and Casey fires off a kick of her own. Calderwood steps into the clinch. She lands some solid muay thai elbows from the clinch.

They separate but not for long as Calderwood wades back in and unleashes a solid flurry to the head of Casey who’s backed up against the cage. Calderwood clinches up and lands a few knees.

Casey drops to the mat looking for a leg lock, but she doesn’t get it and Calderwood is back in top position as in the first round.

Calderwood in Casey’s full guard and having some difficulty getting her offense off with Casey shutting her down. With that in mind she opts to stand.

Calderwood back to striking and lands well, but Casey connects with a counter that knocks her off balance a bit. She’s ok though and goes back to it. Calderwood with a trip to take her down again. She lands a few good elbows that bounce Casey’s head off the mat.

Casey rolls for a submission and pays for it as Calderwood stacks her and lands ground and pound. Now the Scottish fighter decides to back away and stand again.

Spinning kick from Calderwood and then to the clinch again against the cage. Calderwood outworking Casey in this round. Knees from Calderwood and Casey moves away.

A kick and punches behind it from Calderwood as she looks to finish the round strongly. Casey tries to respond in kind, but the late notice replacement looks to be tiring.

Round Three:

Calderwood comes out smiling for the final five minutes. She lands a front kick to the head. She’s briefly back into the clinch then moves away.

Calderwood rattles off a series of punches and Casey throws some fatigued looking strikes in return. SPinning elbow from Calderwood who looks like she’s relishing this fight.

Spinning back to the midsection from Calderwood and Casey winces and drops to the mat. Calderwood goes in for the kill, but Casey hangs in there and survives the ground and pound that follows.

Calderwood wisely backs away and gets this fight back on the feet. Calderwood with nice straight shots. She punches to the body now and then a kick. Back into the clinch and Casey moves to the mat, preferring to work something from that position.

Calderwood follows her down, but not for long, moving away easily from a leg lock attempt.

Calderwood with leg kicks and then Shoves Casey to the mat. She gets back up looking very tired and gets caught up in a clinch situation against the mat. Casey pulls guard. She wants no part in the stand-up at this stage in the fight.

The Scottish fighter postures up and lands a few strikes. She stands with 30 seconds to go and Casey reaches for a leg lock. Calderwood denies it and lands hammerfists to the rump of all places.

Final 10 seconds and Calderwood throws sustained ground and pound as the crowd cheers her own.


Good performance from Calderwood here and while she didn’t get a finish, she does claim a convincing unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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