Joe Lauzon Stops Michael Chiesa Due To Nasty Cut At UFC Fight Night 50

Joe Lauzon and Michael Chiesa put on a great scrap at UFC Fight Night 50 in Conneticut this evening that came to an end when aggressive offense from Lauzon in the second round led to Chiesa suffering a fight-ending cut above his right eye.

Round One:

Chiesa with a low kick to start. He fires out some punches from range and then tries a kick, but Lauzon catches him and bundles him to the mat.

Chiesa managest to work back to his feet, but Lauzon presses him up against the cage. Chiesa reverses the position and then they break apart.

Chiesa with a nice body kick and a punch behind it. Chiesa pumps out the jab and lands a leg kick. He follows up with a short flurry of straight punches.

Lauzon follows him around the cage and then rushes in with punches to set-up the clinch. He tries hard to get Chiesa to the mat, but fails to do so and Chiesa takes control of the clinch and then manages to get Lauzon to the mat.

Chiesa immediately takes Lauzon’s back. Not for long though as Lauzon does well to spin around and end up on top. He swiftly moves into mount and then takes his opponent’s back. Lauzon with his back up against the cage staying attached to Chiesa and landing some strikes.

30 seconds to go and Lauzon looks to go for the choke attempt, but Chiesa is able to find room to stand back up.

Lauzon’s is immediately on him unloading a few strikes, but then eats a knee. Now it’s Chiesa who’s attacking and he throws up a head kick and more strikes behind it that find their mark and Lauzon is perhaps glad to hear the bell sound for the end of the round.

Round Two:

Chiesa back to throwing out rangey punches to start the second. Then he lands a hard body kick. Lauzon undeterred though and tries to push the pace. He unleashes a flurry of punches and Chiesa opts to get into the clinch.

Chiesa tries a knee and Lauzon uses that to take him down. They scramble on the mat and Chiesa almost gets up, but Lauzon tries to get him back down again. Back up they go though and this is really turning into a great back-and-forth scrap.

Lauzon really getting aggressive with punches, landing a nasty body shot with everything behind it and then after a series of punches a knee lands to the head and appears to open a huge cut above one of Chiesa’s eyes.

Lauzon continues to pour on the pressure and despite now having blood pouring from his cut Chiesa is still up for this.

However, the referee doesn’t like the look of that cut and he calls for a stoppage to let the doctor have a look at it. It’s a really deep wound and unfortunately the doctor decides that Chiesa can’t continue, so Lauzon earns himself a TKO victory with 2.14mins of the second round gone.


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