In a highly entertaining back-and-forth battle at UFC On FOX 4, Joe Lauzon emerged the victor over Jamie Varner by submission.

Lauzon took the center of the Octagon early and tried to push the pace, but in the early exchanges it was Varner who was getting the better of it, landing some hard shots.

One of those shots, a right hook, landed cleanly and staggered Lauzon backwards momentarily, though he quickly regained his composure and got back into the thick of the action.

After his early exertions Varner started to slow down a little and Lauzon started to find a home for his own punches.

Towards the end of the round Varner started to pick up the pace again and dropped Lauzon with a heavy shot to the temple. Lauzon regained his bearings quickly though and looked for an inverted armbar, but Varner shook out of it. Lauzon stays busy from his back and manages to make it to the end of the round.

The second round continued the momentum built up by the first, with the two men trading punches from the start. Varner’s landing some nice shots, but Lauzon’s right there with him.

Lauzon moves forward and falls into a guillotine choke from Varner. ‘J-Lau’s’ wise to it though and not only escapes but slickly takes his back. He looks for the rear-naked choke, but Varner manages to stand and escape as the crowd cheer in approval at the action they are seeing.

Back on the feet Varner throws a combination, but then Lauzon comes charging forward with punches that land and forces his opponent into reverse gear.

He manages to get Varner to the mat and pins one of his arms as he reigns down blows to his head before Varner is able to get back to his knees and then up to his feet.

Not for long though as Lauzon gets him down once again and takes his back. He then eases around to the mount and then to the back again. Varner manages to sneak out though and reverses the position, allowing him to land some hard elbow strikes as the bell sounds.

Onto the final round then and after Varner signals that he doesn’t have his mouthpiece they get it in place and get to work with Lauzon going for a takedown which Varner stuffs before scoring one of his own.

Lauzon gets out and back to his feet and they trade blows before Varner lands another takedown. Lauzon lands a great sweep, but Varner gets back on top.

Lauzon immediately looks for a triangle choke from his back and he’s got it in. He doesn’t get the tap right away, but after adjusting his position Varner reluctantly taps out with 2.44mins of the third round gone.