Joe Lauzon’s Corner Wave Off Fight After Chris Gruetzemacher Hands Veteran A Beatdown At UFC 223

Chris Gruetzemacher handed Joe Lauzon a beatdown tonight at UFC 223, leaving the veteran’s face a mess and convincing his corner to call an end to the fight inbetween the second and third rounds.

Round One:

Gruetzemacher with an early body punch and then Lauzon comes out swinging with a hard series of left and right hands as he looks to take the fight to his opponent.

Lauzon slows the place a little, but is still taking the opportunity to lace together straight lefts and rights when the opportunity arises.

There’s a takedown attempt and Lauzon goes to his back looking to work submissions. Lauzon trying to roll on top, but Gruetzemacher keeps stays on him for now. Lauzon eventually switching to a leg lock here, but Gruetzemacher defends it and they stand up.

Lauzon looking to keep the pressure up on the feet again. In close he lands a couple of nice elbows. Gruetzemacher looking to respond and kind and also lands the jab.

Right hand for Lauzon. Nice one-two for Gruetzemacher. Both fighters quite hittable at this stage. Lauzon already looking a little bloodied up. Gruetzemacher tags him with a few good shots. He’s working in some nice body work in there too, landing a few knees and kicks to the midsection towards the end of the round, and another clean connection to the face with a punch that got Lauzon’s attention.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Gruetzemacher. Aother lands as he pressures Lauzon back towards the cage. Punches for Gruetzemacher and Lauzon counters with a takedown attempt, but he’s struggling to get his opponent to the mat.

Lauzon wincing as blood leaks into his eyes now. Gruetzemacher with knees to the body. Gruetzemacher lands an uppercut and more punches to the body.

Lauzon’s right eye is bloodied up and he’s fading here as Gruetzemacher takes the fight to him. Lauzon with a few punches and then a tired looking knee. Hard knee and a big elbow from Gruetzemacher in return.

Gruetzemacher working some nice elbows in close here. However, Lauzon isn’t completely out of this yet as he steps into a few nice straight punches, but there’s no doubt he’s fatigued out there and is only fighting in short bursts with half the fight still remaining.

Right hands for Gruetzemacher. He tees off on his head again and then lands a kick to the body. An uppercut snaps Lauzon’s bloodied head backwards. Everything Gruetzemacher is throwing is landing at this stage and you have to start wondering when the ref will step in to put Lauzon out of his misery here.

However, Lauzon is still throwing a few punches here and there to show he’s still in the fight. Lauzon’s face is a swollen, bloody mess though as Gruetzemacher continues to batter him and at the end of the round his corner thankfully steps in and decides that their man has had enough, waving off the fight.

Good win for Gruetzemacher here to keep his place on the roster, but a rough night for Lauzon, who may now have to consider whether its still a good idea for him to continue fighting.

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