John Dodson Defeats John Moraga After Doctors Stoppage At UFN 42

A doctors stoppage in-between rounds earned John Dodson a victory over John Moraga tonight at UFC Fight Night 42 after appearing to break his nose with a brutal knee strike.

Round One:

The two men circle each other to start and exchange low kicks. Great support for Dodson here in Alberquerque as they chant his name in the opening minute.

Nice left hand lands for Dodson. Moraga tries a spinning head kick that misses the target, but not by much.

Dodson lands to the body. He gets hit to the groin, but rather than sinking to the mat he runs around the Octagon and then tries to get straight back into the fight!

An exchange in close and Dodson lands a glancing left hook. Moraga trying to land a punch and misses thanks to Dodson’s quick movement.

Nice stepping knee to the body from Dodson. Two leg kicks from Dodson now. Moraga comes charging in, but doesn’t land with anything.

Moraga does land with a body punch though. Two left hands land for Dodson. Another two lefts land at a rapid rate.

Moraga misses with a punch and a spinning kick. Dodson with another two lefts. Then a body kick lands hard for him, and he gets another one just as the bell sounds.

Round Two:

Superman punch from Dodson to start the second round. Moraga misses with a spinning kick to the body. He’s found Dodson an elusive target at times so far in this fight.

Moraga does lands with a leg kick. Dodson’s work rate has slowed a little. Moraga lands an overhand and backs Dodson up against the cage looking for more offense.

Dodson comes to life again and gets a takedown, but he doesn’t keep him there for too long.

Back on the feet and Moraga takes the center of the cage and lands a body kick.

Bit of a lull in the action with neither fighter landing anything of particular note. Suddenly Dodson charges forward and lands some heavy hands and Moraga is in trouble.

Dodson lands a knee to the face and Moraga drops to the mat bleeding hard from his nose. Brutal knee! Dodson rains down more punishment, but the bell will save him and we go to a third round.

…not so fast though. There’s talk in-between rounds that Moraga may have broken his nose, but his corner are adamant it’s just a cut. The cage-side doctor is not happy though and just before the third round is about to start he decides Moraga can’t continue!

Moraga’s not happy about it, but Dodson’s not complaining about earning the TKO victory.

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