John Lineker TKO’s Phil Harris With body Shot At UFC Fight Night 30

John Lineker put Phil Harris to the sword tonight in the first round of their main card opener at UFC Fight Night 30.

Suprisingly, Harris was will to trade with the heavy-handed striker in the early stages of the fight and it wouldn’t be too long before that would prove to be a costly mistake.

The UK Fighter was first dropped by a right hand from Lineker that sent him reeling backwards before hitting the canvas.

He got back up, but more hard shots were heading in his direction and it wasn’t long before he was dropped again with another right hand.

It’s more of the same when Harris gets up again, and his legs are looking wobbly as Lineker continues to stalk him.

Then comes the finish as Lineker connects with a big body punch that clearly hurts Harris and he winces in pain as he sinks to the canvas and with him now not even attempting to defend himself the referee hands Lineker to the TKO victory at 2.51mins of the first round.


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