Johny Hendricks Dominates Matt Brown At UFC 185

Johny Hendricks looked in good form tonight at UFC 185 as he bested Matt Brown on the feet and dominated him with powerful wrestling to secure a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

Round One:

Brown out quickly and pumping the jab. He thinks about a kick and then aborts it. Hendricks with an uppercut. Into the clinch and Hendricks looks for a takedown, hoists Brown to his shoulder and gets him to the mat.

Brown does a good job of getting to his feet though and starts chasing Hendricks. He’s eager to get the stand-up action going.

He comes in looking for punches and Hendricks gets his hooks in and looks for another takedown. Brown stops it this time, but not for long as Hendricks readjusts and gets him down.

Brown keeping him in his guard for now with a little more than half the round to go. Hendricks attempting to posture up and lands ome punches. He opts for a few elbows for now as Brown tries to keep him tied up. Brown with his legs up high now thinking about a submission. Hendricks stands over him and Brown tries for a leg lock which causes Hendricks to just abort and back away.

In close in the clinch Brown working some good knees and then Hendricks is in on another takedown. He brings Brown up off his feet and then slowly down to the mat. Hendricks in half guard this time with less than a minute of the round to go.

Hendricks trying to works some ground and pound. Brown’s got a slight cut to his right eye. Hendricks on top with a few punches to the body to end the round.

Round Three:

Brown lands a left that lands nicely and then a head kick that also connects, but Hendricks eats it and takes him down. Brown back up. Hendricks lands a hard punch that seems to hurt Brown.

A flurry of punches from Hendricks now as he steps up the pace. Hendricks gets Brown up on his shoulder again and takes him to the mat. Dominant stuff from the former champion. Half guard for him and he’s landing some punches.

Three minutes to go and hendricks is in control. A few punches land, but not enough for the ref who stands them up.

Hendricks with offense, landing a nice knee during a combo. Right hook to the temple lands. Brown trying to throw back but he’s looking a little tired. Hendricks looking confident and unleashes a series of punches and kicks before taking Brown down again.

Brown onto his knees and stands. Back to the stand-up now. Big left hand for Hendricks and more punches behind it which has Brown stumbling backwards. Brown lands a one-two of his own, but soon after is taken down yet again. Ground and pound in the final seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Brown needs to do something big here to change the momentum of the fight. Hendricks wings punches that miss. He slips to the mat, but gets back up unscathed.

Brown targets the body with a punch as he tries to pressure his opponent. Hendricks gets him down though. Brown looking to position himself for a triangle atttempt. He abandons ship on it and gets back to his feet.

Back into the clinch though and Hendricks presses him to the cage. Another takedown, but Hendricks does have damage to his right eye now and is wincing from the pain.

Brown trying to wall walk to a better position, but hendricks is in side control and keeps him down. Half the round to go and he starts throwing down some elbows.

Brown throws his legs up and tries for a triangle. Doesn’t work out and he tries to escape, but Hendricks is on him and keeps him down.

Brown attempting to walk walk again. Hendricks exerting good control on top though with a minute to go. Brown again throwing up a leg trying to figure out a submission. He starts landing some solid punches from his back. Another inverted triangle attempt for Brown that doesn’t pay off.

Hendricks in side control again. Unable to land ground and pound, but stays heavy to keep Brown down until the fight coomes to an end.


Strong performance from Hendricks tonight showing improved cardio and a return to his wrestling roots which enabled him to claim a clean sweep on the judges scorecards (30-27 x3).

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