Erick Silva gave Jon Fitch a few scares in their fight at UFC 153, but in the end Fitch’s unrelenting, grinding style eventually proved to much for him.

Silva looked confident as he approached Fitch in his karate-style stance in the opening minute, but roughly 30 seconds later he was already en-route to the canvas as Fitch moved in for his first takedown of the fight off a kick from his opponent.

Silva tried to get away, but Fitch was typically tenacious and managed to get ahold of the Brazilian’s back.

Up against the cage Fitch tried to secure back mount, but he’s having difficulty getting it as Silva makes life awkward for him.

They stand and Fitch throws a few punches before locking up a standing arm-triangle, but Silva escapes.

Silva lets his hands go as they reset and lands a hard right hand and soon after also lands a spinning back kick to the mid-section.

Fitch wisely looks for a takedown, and he gets it, controlling the rest of the round on top.

Early in the second round Silva gave Fitch a taste of his own medicine by sweeping him to the floor. He’s able to get a few strikes off before they get back to their feet.

Now Fitch looks for a takedown, but Silva peppers him with shots to the body. Fitch still wants to take the fight down to the mat, but he gets over eager and makes a mistake, allowing Silva to take his back.

Silva drops back with Fitch and is hunting for a rear-nake choke. It looks to be in tight, yet somehow Fitch is resisting the urge to tap.

Silva’s arms tire in the position and Fitch is able to break his grip. He then manages to turn and is on top with a minute to go, firing off some ground and pound.

Then it’s he who has Silva’s back looking for a choke, before switching it up and going for an armbar instead.

Exciting stuff, and the crowd goes wild as Silva manages to roll out of it before the bell sounds.

Onto the third round and Fitch now looks the more confident fighter and it shows as he takes the fight to Silva and is able to get him down and take his back again.

He’s looking for a submission attempt, but Silva gets out and then catches Fitch in a guillotine choke and drops back with it.

He’s not got it tight though and has to let go, allowing Fitch to claim top position.

Silva looks a tired fighter now as Fitch begins to grind him down, getting mount and firing off a steady diet of ground and pound that makes up for in frequency what it lacks in raw power.

Fitch is now in complete control and finishes the round in the ascendancy with a choke attempt.

Onto the judges scorecards and there’s little doubt that Fitch is the winner here, getting the nod from all three (30-27, 29-28 x2).