Jon Jones Defeats OSP By Unanimous Decision At UFC 197

Jon Jones made a winning return to the Octagon tonight at UFC 197, defeating Ovince St. Preux by unanimous decision to win the interim 205lb title.

Round One:

The main event interim light-heavyweight title fight is underway. Leg kick for OSP. Stomping leg kick to the thigh for Jones, then a spinning kick to the body.

Now a front kick to the body for Jones. Head kick attempt from OSP that misses, then follows up with a punch. OSP with a leg kick. Jones with another oblique kick.

Front kick to the face attempt for Jones. Another oblique kick. Very hard side kick to the body for the former champion. OSP flicking out the jab and coming up a bit short with his kick to the body. Jones tries another spinning kick to the body, but misses this time.

OSP with teep to the body that Jones almost catches. Jones stalking now, but taking his time. He goes back to the oblique kick. Now a kick upstairs, but it’s blocked. OSP with a front kick that’s half-caught by Jones.

Jones with a solid body kick. Side kick to the body now. Kick to the thigh from OSP. Front kick to the body for Jones, then tries a head kick that doesn’t connect.

Jones with that front kick to the knee. OSP steps in with a solid jab. Jones clinches and sweeps OSP to the mat, but he pops right back up and the round ends in the clinch.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Jones. Leg kick for OSP that’s caught by Jones who tries to take him down off of it, but OSP shows good balance and gets away.

Hard body kick for Jones. Leg kick for the former champ. Not much happening for OSP right now apart from half-heartedly flicking out the jab. Jones still being patient himself though and as he throws a leg kick, his opponent checks it.

A couple of jabs land for OSP. They clinch and OSP lands a nice knee to the body. They break apart. Body kick for Jones and then clinches, backs OSP up to the cage and then lands a few hard elbows.

They move away from the cage and OSP lands a solid punch. Side kick to the knee from Jones which knocks OSP off balance a bit.

A couple more of those side kicks to the leg from Jones and OSP definitely doesn’t like those. A bit of a lull, then a spinning body kick from Jones that connects nicely.

Punch lands for OSP. Another lengthy jab from him. Oblique kicks for Jones. Big jumping wheel kick attempt from Jones that does land, but OSP takes it.

Round Three:

Oblique kick for Jones as OSP tries to land something similar. Jones looked to be setting up a spinning elbow there, but backed out at the last minute.

Jab for OSP. And another. Jones starting to flick out his jab. OSP starting to put together a few punches and Jones covers up. Oblique kick for Jones. Now Jones lands the spinning back elbow.

Left hand for Jones just grazes past OSP’s head. OSP back to the jab. Misses with a side kick to the body. Body punch from Jones and then backs OSP to the cage, but isn’t able to keep him there.

Leg kick for Jones. OSP checks another one though. Push kick for OSP. Olbique kick for Jones. Nice leg kick for Jones, then one to the body and a couple of the knee.

Right hand for Jones who then ducks under an OSP counter. High kick from Jones followed up by a punch. A couple of long jabs from OSP and then a right.

Hard body kick from Jones. Now a couple of the leg, and then back to the body. Left and a right for OSP. He leaps into a right hand.
Powerful body kick for Jones.

Round Four:

Into the championship rounds, let’s see if Jones can pick up the pace a bit, or if he’ll just try to cruise to a decision win. Body kick for OSP. Side kick to the midsection from Jones.

Leg kick for OSP. Front kick to the body for Jones. Leg kick for OSP, oblique kick for Jones. Right hand for OSP. Jones clinches up and marches OSP to the cage. Jones goes in for a takedown, hoists OSP way up and then dumps him to the mat. However, OSP does a great job of scrambling right back to his feet.

side kick for OSP. Stepping elbow lands for Jones and then another. Jones with a body punch, then clinches OSP against the cage.

Jones in on another double leg, dumps OSP to the mat and this time keeps him there in side control. Jones witht a couple of elbows. Now a few more. OSP trying to wall walk against the Octagon, but Jones is keeping him in place and lands a few more elbows.

OSP scrambles, but Jones gets him back down and goes to mount. OSP gives up his back and Jones lands a big right hand. Another lands to the back of the head.

Jones stands over his opponent, then goes back in for some more and lands a few shots before the buzzer sounds. Much better round for Jones and he raises his hands to the crowd as he heads back to his corner, in contrast to the last round where he was shaking his head as he did so.

Round Five:

Oblique kick from Jones. Now a solid body kick. Hard left kick. Right hand for OSP. Spinning back kick from Jones to the body.

OSP with a one-two. A bit of a lull in the action. Jones gets his head off-center to avoid a couple of punches from his opponent. Nice uppercut from Jones.

Another uppercut from Jones close to the cage. Jones into that double leg again, hoists OSP up and marches him over to the center of the cage before a huge slam. To his credit OSP is soon back up.

Jones gets him back to the cage again and then work in the clinch. OSP with a knee to teh body. A couple of elbows from Jones. OSP gets away. Body kick for OSP. Jones doesn’t seem to be interested in building up to a final flurry, so we’re headed to a decision.


Jones looks a little disappointed by his performance, but nonetheless, he’s still earned a clean sweep on the scorecards from all three judges (50-44, 50-45 x2).

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