Emil Meek Defeats Jordan Mein By Unanimous Decision At UFC 206

Emil Meek made an impression in his debut tonight at UFC 206, defeating Jordan Mein by unanimous decision despite appearing to hurt one of his ribs during an action-packed first round.

Round One:

Both fighters aim a kick to the legs at the same time. Couple of low kicks from Meek and then a harder one in return from Mein.

Mein with an early takedown, but they are soon back upright again. Meek missing with a few strikes. Mein with a solid body kick.

Mein charges into another takedown attempt. This time Meek tries for a choke as he hits the deck, but Mein’s not going to be submitted from here and he eventually lets it go.

Mein in north-south position, but Meek able to stand. Meek catches Mein and appears to hurt him. He fires off a couple of more solid punches.

Mein able to survive that concerning few moments and now it’s his turn to put some heavy hands on Meek. He’s working nicely to the head and body.

Not for the first time in the fight Mein goes for the takedown. Meek tries to scramble and he winces in pain as if he’s hurt his ribs.

Nevertheless, Meek gradually works back to his feet. Mein lands a hard kick to his body, but Meek seems ok. Meek lands a big blow that sends Mein reeling across the Octagon. For some reason Mein is laughing as Meek charges up to him with a flying knee that misses.

Mein seems ok and the battle continues, with the pace slowing just a little as a frantic first round comes to a close. Meek clutches his ribs as he heads back to his corner.

Round two:

Both men trading leg kicks. Meek backs Mein up and wings a couple of punches in his direction. Leg kick for Mein. Lands a nice left hand.

Another kick. Meek steps forward into a leg kick of his own. Another and then a flurry of punches against the cage from Meek.

Now it’s Meek’s turn to go for a takedown and he lands it. Meek looks to scramble, but Meek stays on top for now and lands a few ground and pound punches.

Meek in half guard, but just controlling position here reather than launching much in the way of offense. He starts to work for an arm triangle choke, but then gives up on that. Mein tries to sweep, but is unsuccessful.

Meek swaps to the other side and looks for that arm triangle choke again. He’s in full mount then tries to switch off to the side to finish the choke, but he loses it.

Back to half guard for Meek as he continues to control the action on the mat. Final 20 seconds of the round and Meek lands a few thumping punches to the face of his opponent. Mein gets him back to full guard and Meek lands a few body punches to end the round.

Round Three:

Mein flicking out the jab. Meek with a leg kick. Now one to the body. Just short with punches to the head from Meek. Leg kick for Mein.

Couple of punches land for Meek and then an inside leg kick. Uppercut and a right hook land for Mein. Meek uses a few punches to try to work back into the clinch against the cage. He lands a few knees and then Mein lands a hook as he gets his back off the cage.

Mein lands again, but then Meek is able to bring him back down to the mat. Meek in half guard in the middle of the Octagon with three minutes to go.

Mein back to full guard and Meek lands some punishing shots to the body. The two gradually work towards the cage and Meek remains in control.

Mein tries for a late armbar more in hope than expectation, but he doesn’t quite have it and Meek laughs and plays to the crowd as he shakes it off to end the round.


No doubt about the winner here, with Meek controlling the action on the mat in the final 10 minutes after a frenetic first round, and that earns him a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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