Jose Aldo Not Ruling Out Potential Third Fight With Chad Mendes

After the toughest fight of his UFC featherweight title reign so far last night at UFC 179, Jose Aldo told the media that he wouldn’t rule out a third encounter with Chad Mendes in the future.

“I saw Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard fight three times,” Aldo commented to MMAjunkie after the thrilling five round war which left him bloodied, bruised, but ultimately victorious. “They were great fights. In this fight, of course, I’m still the champion. But Chad Mendes was also victorious in this fight, and the third fight, we’re going to win again together.”

In the first fight between the two the action was only just getting going when Aldo landed a perfectly placed knee that ended Mendes title hopes. However, last night both men had to pick themselves off the floor after hard shots as they tested each other to the limits for the full five rounds, earning a ‘Fight Of The Night’ award and leaving fans hungry for more of the same.

“He’s a great athlete,” Aldo said of Mendes. “He’s always going to be fighting in this weight class, right on top.

“It’s not (like) because he lost tonight … he’s no good anymore. He’s very good. He’s got great potential, and in the future, we could meet again, and I hope that we have another great fight.”

While it’s not going to happen immediately, the possibility of Aldo Vs Mendes III at some stage down the line looked like it would suit UFC President Dana White just fine as he was claiming last night that their latest battle was, “the best featherweight title fight I’ve ever seen.”


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