Since it was announced that featherweight champion Conor McGregor would be fighting lightweight title holder Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in November, Jose Aldo has been on the warpath, threatening to do whatever it takes to get released from the UFC, but it seems there is something that could keep him on-board after all.

The disillusioned Brazilian is expected to meet up with UFC President Dana White on Wednesday, and despite having previously declared that he’d rather retire than fight again, he’s now hinted that having his bank balance tuned up could be enough to keep him in the Octagon.

“If I continue in the sport, I make it clear that I want to see money,” Aldo told “That’s what it’s about. You can’t be a correct fighter. The right is wrong today. You don’t have to be the good guy and do what they want, that’s considered wrong today. The right is to spit at someone’s face, do cocaine or smoke weed, throw water at others, call people names, don’t show up at press conferences. That’s the right today, and that’s what Brazilian athletes have to do.”

While White hasn’t been able to give Aldo the fight he wanted against Conor McGregor, he had vowed to get him another major match-up against another leading contender like Max Holloway, but that doesn’t appear to have impressed the former long-time champion.

“What matters is money in the pocket, and that’s what I’m thinking about,” Aldo said. “That’s why I said ‘f*ck Holloway,’ who won eight in a row. Some people win 10, 15, and don’t fight for the belt. So, who is he to say anything? So I wanted Pettis because that would be a way bigger fight. Everybody wanted to watch this fight when we were supposed to fight in Brazil. You have to think about money first, it’s business these days. First the pocket, then something else.”


  1. Wow
    It seems more and more like Conner McGregor is still in his head. He hasnt gotten over the mental games Conner dished out on him. The poor thing.