Jose Aldo TKO’s Renato Moicano In Second Round At UFC On ESPN+ 2

jose aldo ufc 200

Jose Aldo sent a message to the featherweight division that he’s still as dangerous as ever tonight at UFC On ESPN+ 2 after finishing Renato Moicano by TKO early in the second round of the co-main event in Brazil.

Round One:

Front kick upstairs from Moicano but doesn’t quite find the mark. Cautious start for both men here. Spinning kick to the body from Moicano though.

left hook from Aldo misses and he gets caught with a counter. Aldo moves his head back to avoid a punch from his rangier opponent and then lands a punch of his own.

Aldo with a low leg kick and Moicano scores with one of his own. Another low leg kick for Moicano and then one upstairs that’s blocked.

Aldo misses with his leg kick and then goes off-balance for a moment, but he recovers before Moicano can capitalize. Front kick ot the body from Moicano.

Body punch from Aldo. He lands that same punch again. Nice left hand for Moicano to the jaw. Now a one-two for him. Light jab lands. Leg kick for Aldo.

Both men exchange blows in close without landing cleanly. Leg kick for Moicano and then a jab. Another jab then the leg kick.

Jab for Aldo. They are both looking to set up one final flurry, but then back off it, showing caution about committing to their punches at times.

Round Two:

Two leg kicks for Moicano. Left hook for Aldo and he starts to flurry and Moicano is hurt. Moicano’s legs are wobbling here as Aldo chases after him landing more blows including another left hook and right hand to the head, not to mention a knee upstairs and vicious body shots for good measure.

Moicano backed up against the cage now as more heavy leather is thrown and as he starts to wilt the referee moves in and decides he’s had enough, waving off the fight to hand Aldo a TKO victory with 44 seconds of the second round gone.

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