Joseph Benavidez Defeats John Moraga By Decision At UFC 187

Scott Jorgensen traded with John Moraga on the feet, but had his biggest success on the mat en-route to a unanimous decision victory at UFC 187 in Las Vegas tonight.

Round One:

Both men looking to engage with punches and kicks right off the bat. Head kick from Moraga and it lands solidly but Benavidez then drops him with a short flurry of punches.

Benavidez with good control here on the mat from half guard and he’s looking for a potential choke. Benavidez transitions to side control, but Moraga gets him back to half. They fight back and forth from those two positions.

Benavidez tries to roll with the choke attempt, but Moraga gets free. Benavidez charges at him and keeps Moraga on the mat against the cage now. Moraga manages to stand though and he attempts to take his opponent down, but Benavidez stays upright.

Battling for control in the clinch now and eventually Moraga tries a lateral drop. The two scramble on the mat and Moraga has Benavidez back briefly after a takedown doesn’t pay off for his opponent, but as the action comes thick and fast they are soon back to their feet. Not for long though as Benavidez slams Moraga to the mat.

Benavidez in half guard, pressing Moraga up awkwardly against the cage to end the round.

Round Two:

Body kick from Moraga and moves away from the counters from Benavidez. Body kick for Benavidez and then a low kick from Moraga knocks him slightly off-balance.

Benavidez working to the body and then upstairs, but Moraga lands a counter punch. Moraga chops to the leg and again almost has Benavidez off-balance.

leg kick from Benavidez and they both wing past each others heads with hard hooks. Chunky body kick from Moraga and then another. Another kick and a punch behind it for Moraga.

They clinch up and it looks like there could have been a clash of heads as they did so as Moraga is suddenly bleeding from the top of his head.

Benavidez working hard for a potential takedown and eventually lands it. Moraga pinned up close to the cage keeping Benavidez in half guard.

Good control from Benavidez and then moves into side control approaching a minute to go in the round. A few short elbows from Benavidez.

They’ve moved away from the cage for now, but still Benavidez is heavy on top from side control. A couple of eblows land as Moraga tries to throw up some knees from his back.

Round Three:

Benavidez skiffs on a leg kick and another. Then another lands solidly. Short flurry of punches from Benavidez and then Moraga returns fire. Moraga letting his strikes go and lands with punches and a knee to the midsection.

Moraga stumbles Benavidez off-balance with a strike and then tries to leap in with a knee to the head, but it doesn’t pay off.

Benavidez backs away and gets some space. Benavidez with a two-piece combo and Moraga looks to counter. Now Benvaidez targets the body with a couple of punches. He lands a kick there now.

Benavidez suddenly bursts forward and lands a nice takedown half-way through the final round. Moraga puts him into his full guard and Benavidez lands a couple of few elbows while also being mindful of keeping could postures and preventing Moraga from getting free or throwing up a submission.

Couple of leg hands to the head for Benavidez in the full minute. He lands a few more ground and pound strikes to keep busy and ensure the round is securely in his favor.


Fast paced fight here and Moraga put up a competitive showing on the feet, but Benavidez superior grappling was the big difference between them and led to a clean sweep on the judges scorecards.

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