Joseph Duffy looked the part again tonight at UFC Fight Night 72 as he tapped out Ivan Jorge mid-way through the first round with an arm triangle.

Round One:

Jorge with aright hand. Duffy tries a head kick, but it comes up just short. Duffy threatening with an uppercut now.

Left and a right land for the Irishman. Now a body kick, but it was a little low. Jorge ducks nicely under a right hook. Jroge looks to clinch up against the cage now. He lands a knee then Duffy breaks away.

Big kick to the body from Duffy. Jorge presses forward and gets into the clinch again. He wants this fight on the mat if at all possible, but Duffy is denying his attempts to do so thus far.

Duffy able to move out and away from the clinch, though he takes a knee in the process.

Solid combination from Jorge. Duffy lets his hands go, but Jorge ducks under, clinches and then looks for the throw. However, it’s a botched attempt and Duffy lands partially on top and in a good position, almost immediately locking in a triangle choke attempt. He uses Jorge’s leg to get extra leverage, and that’s it, Jorge taps and Duffy has himself a first round submission victory with just 3.05mins on the clock!