A welterweight clash between Josh Koscheck and Demain Maia has been announced for UFC 163 in August.

It’s set to be an important fight for both men, though for different reasons.  In Koscheck’s case a win is much needed after suffering two defeats in a row for the first time in his career over the course of the past year.

As for Maia, he’s rejuvenated his career after dropping down from the middeweight ranks, taking out three well respected fighters in Dong Hyun Kim, Rick Story and Jon Fitch, so a win here should be enough to propel him into the title mix at 170lbs.

UFC 163 is expected to take place in Rio, Brazil and will be headlined by a featherweight title fight between Jose Aldo and Anthony Pettis.


  1. An interesting fight it will be. I am particularly interested in this fight just to see how each person prioritizes there skillset. A few fights back, Maia had shown great improvements in his striking , though, his more recent fights, hasn’t showcased them due to his effective juijitzsu. Its possible maia has accepted that his bread and butter is indeed his juijitsu. But make no mistake abiut it, his ability to bang is still there. Maybe people forgot, i didnt. However, i am sure koscheck did forget because he is an idiot. Koscheck seems to be going the path of striking when it is clear, he should be relying on his wrestling. He has knockout power, he has striking skills, but trying to outstrike opponents shouldnt be the gameplan for an exceptional wrestler like Josh Koscheck. His chin is definitely suspect. Will be interested to see if koshcheck can keep maia off of him. I dont see how maia could possibly lose this fight. 100usd on Maia is my bet. Its a sure thing. Guaranteed money. SAFE AS HOUSES.

  2. Definitely an interesting one stylistically. To be honest I was blown away by how easily Maia manhandled Jon Fitch on the mat – I never thought I’d see that. Koscheck trained with Fitch for many years and I’m sure he was surprised too, and that could well factor into how he’ll approach this fight.

    I suspect he will look to keep it standing and I don’t blame him as to be honest I’m not convinced by Maia’s stand-up. It’s definitely improved a little over the years, but for me it’s never progressed to anything more than ‘average’. The reason he’s doing so well at the moment is because he seems to have come to terms with that and has gone back to what he’s amazing at, which is his BJJ.

    I should say I’m not a huge fan of Koscheck’s striking either and in general he seems to have gone off the boil a bit since GSP beat him up, so I am leaning towards Maia overall, but I wouldn’t completely rule out Koscheck.