Yesterday we reported that Josh Thomson had sent a rather blunt Twitter message to Nick Diaz, reminding him that he’d beaten his brother Nate and calling him out to fight him at ‘UFC On FOX 12’ in July, but the former Strikeforce fighter has now claimed that he didn’t have anything to do with it.

“People that know me, know I wouldn’t ever talk about a fighter like this,” wrote on Twitter. “My phone was stolen last night while at dinner. I respect every fighter and especially the Diaz brothers. @NateDiaz209 an @nickdiaz209 always been cool guys to me and nothing bad to say. My apologies to anyone who was offended by the tweets and texts.”

Ah, the old, ‘My phone was stolen,’ excuse so favored by UFC fighters these days! Well, safe to say Nate Diaz isn’t buying that.

“You got drunk talked a bunch of stupid s*** when you woke up you panicked an #backpeddled #sorryasslittlebitch #whatreallyhappened #bereal,” Diaz fired back at Thomson.

Thomson’s excuse does seem a bit flimsy. After all, what’s the likelihood that the thief just so happened to be an MMA fan who knew that the UFC had a FOX event coming up in San Jose in July?

Diaz’s theory that Thomson was drunk is plausible, but perhaps the most likely scenario is that one of Thomson’s friends sent the messages as a prank that quickly backfired.

Whatever the reason, it appears that Thomson isn’t looking to fight one of the Diaz brothers after all.

However, fast rising lightweight star Khabib Nurmagomedov was keeping tabs on this situation, and after seeing Thomson back down from his alleged comments the Russian was eager to let everyone know that he would be happy to take his place.

“My phone wasn’t stolen last night while at dinner, and I’m challenge one of Diaz Brothers!” Nurmagomedov wrote on his Twitter account. “Anytime Anyplace Anyweight! it’s not problem.”