Josh Thomson made a successful start to his time in Bellator tonight, dominating Mike Bronzoulis for the first two rounds and then almost effortlessly tapping him out with an arm triangle early in the third.

Round One:

leg kicks landed to start this one from both men. Thomson forward with purpose on a flurry of punches.

Thomson reaching for a takedown, but Bronzoulis sidesteps out of danger. Bronzoulis with another leg kick. Left and a right from Bronzoulis and then another strike lands shortly afterwards.

Little stumble from Bronzoulis and Thomson almost catches him with a head kick. Spinning attack misses for Bronzoulis. Thomson in on a takedown and lands it.

Thomson has Bronzoulis cramped up against the cage. He’s just looking to control him for now and ties up his legs as he tries to move up on his opponent. He settles for half guard momentarily, then slickly into side control. Not satisfied with that he attempts to move to full mount. Not quite fully there, but he’s patient and does shift up with moments remaining in the round, though there’s not enough time left to land strikes.

Round Two:

Thomson with a few solid leg kicks to start the second round. Bronzoulis comes forward aggressively, but eats a few punches from Thomson and is then reversed against the cage.

They battle for position against the cage and Thomson manages to shift to Bronzoulis’ back and takes him down. Working from half guard for now, then into side control. Bronzoulis shifts to his knees, but Thomson weighing heavy on him which prevents him from standing.

Thomson with a few short punches and then there’s a scramble in which Bronzoulis gets back upright. Thomson still clinching though and manages to shift to his opponent’s back again. He tries for the takedown, but doesn’t get it this time.

Bronzoulis manages to escape the position, but Thomson in quickly on a takedown and puts Bronzoulis on his back. Thomson into full mount easily. Domination for the former UFC and Strikeforce fighter on the mat here as he lands a few elbows to end the round.

Round Three:

Body kick for Thomson to start the final round. Bronzoulis with one of his own and looks to clinch up with his opponent.

That tactic just doesn’t work out for Bronzoulis though as Thomson quickly shifts to his back again, gets the takedown and this time Thomson is very quickly into an arm triangle choke which produces the tap. Slick stuff from ‘The Punk’ who gets the submission win at 0.39mins of the third round.