Julianna Pena showed absolutely no ring rust whatsover in her long awaited return to action against Milana Dudieva at UFC Fight Night 63, landing some vicious ground and pound on her way to a first round TKO stoppage.

Round One:

Pena with a few left hands and then a series of slightly wild lefts and rights as she looks to start aggressively. Not much lands though and Dudieva look for a big takedown. Great balance from Pena to stay upright though and they remain in the clinch.

Dudieva with a very nice judo takedown. Pena throwing her legs up looking for a potential opportunity to get a takedown. They stay like that or a while and then Pena gets back up.

Pena then turns the tables by taking Dudieva down and gets almost straight into mount. Dudieva trying to keep her tight to her, but Pena gets free and starts to rain down repeated bombs.

Dudieva using the cage to try to move position, but only gets half-way and Pena is still on top and back to firing heavy offense down on her. Two minutes to go and Pena is beating her opponent up here. Nasty elbows and punches forcing Dudieva to give up her back and Pena happily takes it.

Back to full mount now and throwing everything but the kitchen sink down on Dudieva. Ref is hovered over them now thinking about stopping it and as the damage continues she does just that.

Impressive win for the TUF winner who hits the ground running after a long spell out due to a serious knee injury.