Julianna Pena was crowned the first ever female winner of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ reality show tonight in Las Vegas after a sustained ground and pound assault over Jessica Rakoczy earned her a first round TKO victory.

Round One

Pena gets in close quickly in this round and hustles Rakoczy to the cage, then lands an early takedown.

Pena trying to get past her opponent’s guard, but Rakoczy pushes her off and gets back upright. Pena is right back to bullying her up against the cage though and they are working hard from the clinch here.

Pena powers forward still in the clinch and takes Rakoczy to the mat in the center of the cage. Pena in half-guard and finding it a little tricky to progress any further. Pena back to full guard, but lands some decent strikes.

pena moves swiftly and gets to side control, then slides into full mount. She begins to throw down some blows. Rakoczy is trying hard to find some wriggle room here, but Pena isn’t doing her any favors and is unleashing some vicious ground and pound here.

Rakoczy wilting under this offensive assault, but there’s only 10 seconds of the round remaining and she’s just covering up and trying to survive. Pena continues to unleash strikes though and the referee’s seen enough, he calls an end to the fight with only one second of the round remaining, handing Pena the TKO victory!

So, Julianna Pena makes history by becoming the first ever female winner of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ show.