Junior dos Santos Comfortably outpoints Blagoy Ivanov At UFC Fight Night 133

Junior dos Santos earned a comfortable decision win over Blagoy Ivanov tonight in the main event of UFC Fight Night 133.

Round One:

The heavyweight main event is underway at UFC Fight Night 133.

Dos Santos thinks about a big knee, but doesn’t cmmmit to it. He backs Ivanov up to the cage and lands a right hand. Kick to the midsection for JDS.

Dos Santos still has Ivanov backed up to the cage and lands a body punch and an overhand right. Right hand for Ivanov.

Body kick for Dos Santos. Head kick attempt is blocked. Left hand for JDS. Body kick. Now a leg kick. Punch to the body. Now a body kick and Ivanov looks to land a counter punch.

Another body punch for JDS. Ivanov tries to barrel forward with a flurry of punches, but Dos Santos backs out of danger.

Left hook for Dos Santos. Big body kick.

Round Two:

Front kick to the body for JDS. Now a head kick attempt. Dos Santos tries a spinning head kick too that doesn’t pay off.

Low leg kick for Ivanov. Body punch for Dos Santos. Jab for JDS, then back to the body. Hard one-two for Dos Santos. Body punch again. He flicks out the jab and lands it.

Now much in return from Ivanov so far. Front kick to the body for JDS. Hard overhand right connects. Right hook now. Ivanov with a body punch.

Ivanov coming up short with a few punches. Body punches for JDS. Flicking jab. One-two for JDS. Back to the body. Ivanov tries to throw heavy leather, but JDS gets his head away from it.

Good leg kick for Dos Santos. Overhand right for the Brazilian. Body kick for Dos Santos. He steps in to a big punch and snaps Ivanov’s head back.

Round Three:

Ivanov’s corner urging him to get busier in the fight, let’s see if he takes their advice.

Front kick to the body for JDS. Two heavy left hands land for Ivanov. A couple of wild punches from him but does connect with a winging left hook.

Hard right hand for Dos Santos. Body punch for JDS. now the jab. He lands again and Ivanov winces as if his eye was poked, but referee rightly says it was a punch, not a finger.

Overhand left for JDS. Body kick. left hook for JDS. left hook gets through for Vainov. Another left for him. Right hand for JDS, but then a very hard left from Ivanov that rattles Dos Santo’s head backwards.

Ivanov encouraged by that. He lands another big punch. Right just connects for Dos Santos. Warning for JDS to keep his fingers closed.

Three-piece combo connects for JDS. Now a left hand. Overhand right. Spinning kick to the body for the Brazilian. Right hand scores. Final 10 seconds and Ivanov lands a right hook as JDS connects too.

Round Four:

Jab for JDS. One for Ivanov in response. Right hand for him. Bdody punch for JDS and then a heavier one soon afterwards.

Brief stoppage as the referee gets loose tape cut from Dos Santos’ gloves and then they continue.

Right hook for Ivanov. Body kick for JDS. Body punch for the Brazilian. Right hook for Ivanov. Reckless right hand from Ivanov and JDS backs up.

Clubbing overhand left for Ivanov. Another punch for him. Body punch for Dos Santos. Jabs for JDS and then backs out as Ivanov comes forward.

Again Ivanov tries to barrel forward with punches, but can’t hit the elusive JDS. left hook for JDS, but then Ivanov fires back a hook of his own.

Another right hook for JDS. Nothing too damaging though. Uppercut from Ivanov and then a counter from JDS. Jab for Ivanov and then a sloppy punch behind it.

Jab for Dos Santos. Punch for Ivanov. Final 10 seconds of the round. Ivanov feels out with the jab.

Round Five:

Final round then with JDS in control of the stand-up action thus far.

Right hand for Dos Santos. Ivanov with a couple of winging punches that don’t land. JDS with good head movement to duck another punch.

Jab for JDS, hook attempst from Ivanov. Big body kick for Dos Santos. Now a big punch there. Body kick for JDS and an eyepoke too that forces a stoppage.

Jab for Ivanov. Now a solid right hand for him. however, JDS soon come back wit ha big right hand of his own. Ivanov with a few punches and backs JDS up against the cage.

JDS comes back quickly with a hard punch. Back to the jab for Dos Santos. Body kick for him. Again to the body jab. One to teh head.

Right hook for Ivanov. Ivanov into the clinch. he lands a couple of punches as JDS backs out. Right hand for JDS and then again.

left hand for Ivanov. Axe kick attempt from JDS. jab lands for Dos Santos. nice straight right from Dos Santos. Final 20 seconds. Body punch for him. Ivanov tries to lands a couple of punches close to the cage. We’re headed to the judges scorecards!


Dos Santos clearly outstruck Ivanov from start to finish here and he emerges with a unanimous decision victory (50-45 x3).

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