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Junior Dos Santos TKO’s Frank Mir To Retain Title at UFC 146

Junior Dos Santos striking was too much for Frank Mir this evening at UFC 146 and after being rocked several times he finally succumbed to a TKO stoppage mid-way through the second round.

Mir showed his intentions very early in the fight by going straight for a takedown, but Dos Santos showed excellent balance to stay on his feet. Mir then switched by dropping to his knees and looking to manufacture a foot lock attempt, but the champion broke free.

Dos Santos was working at a measured pace at this stage and so Mir was able to have some success in the stand-up by landing leg kicks.

In the closing stages Dos Santos began to step up a gear though and first landed a hurtful blow to the stomach which Mir took. However soon after the Brazilian blasted a powerful right hand down the pipe and it rocked Mir who was struggling to find his balance afterwards.

Dos Santos pressed forwards and unloaded a barrage of strikes up against the cage. It looked as if Mir was going to freeze up again as he’s done in the past, but he managed to stagger away and make a feeble attempt at a takedown before the bell mercifully sounds.

Mir smiled across at his opponent as they prepared to start the second, but Dos Santos looked the more confident man as he grinned back.

Dos Santos continued to work at a steady pace in the second and it became clear that Mir still didn’t quite have his bearings back as he was easily floored again with a left hand. Dos Santos wisely decided not to follow him to the mat and risk being submitted, so motioned for him to stand back up.

To add to his woes Mir then received an inadvertant eye poke, but the ref didn’t see it so he had to continue. Dos Santos did just that and was looking very comfortable now as he picked his shots.

Mir lands a couple of leg kicks, but nothing that’ll back up the champion and then he received a straight right that sends him staggering back onto the canvas. He gets to his knees and Dos Santos fires off a series of strikes while he tries to cover up.

Dos Santos looks to move away and get his opponent back up to his feet, but it’s clear that Mir is dazed and isn’t sure what’s going on as he tries to roll out of the way. Dos Santos steps back in and lands a single hammerfist strike and the referee’s obviouslly already decided that Mir’s had enough and brings an end to the fight with 3.04mins of the round gone.

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