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Felice Herrig Submits Kailin Curran In First Round At UFC On FOX 20

Felice Herrig made short work of Kailin Curran at UFC On FOX 20 tonight with a first round rear-naked choke submisson.

Round One:

Herrig with a few kicks to start, going both low and high. She snaps out with the jab too. Curran with a punch of her own now as they engage in the center of the cage in the opening minute.

Jab to the face and more body kicks from Herrig. Curran catches a kick and tries to use it, but it’s Herrig who’s able to secures a takedown.

Herrig in half guard and then smoothly takes Curran’s back. Curran tries to rise up, but Herrig sinks in a rear-naked choke and pulls her back down.

Curran’s is trying to fight it off, but Herrig has it in deep and eventually Curran has no option but to tap out.

Nice win for the more experienced Herrig here and that leaves her with a 2-1 record in the Octagon so far.

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