Karolina Kowalkiewicz Beats Randa Markos By Decision At UFC On FOX 17

Karolina Kowalkiewicz earned a unanimous decision win over Randa Markos tonight in the main card opener at UFC On FOX 17.

Round One:

Markos with a low kick, then connects with a right hand as they exchange in close. Nice one-two from Kowalkiewicz now and that makes Markos wince a little.

Flurry of punches from Markos as they go toe-to-toe again briefly. Markos in again with a couple of punches and tries to stay into the clinch. They battle for position in the middle of the cage, then KK backs out.

Three punch combo for Kowalkiewicz and it’s the third punch that really lands solidly. Right hook for Markos. Now KK lands with one of her own.

One-two for Kowalkiewicz. Markos clinches and presses her opponent to the cage. They battle for position and KK briefly reverses before Markos gets the upperhand again. No real offense from the position though, just trying to work for a takedown. They do go to the mat just for a brief moment then stand again.

They exchange a few punches and KK lands a front kick to the body. Markos with a few leg kicks, slightly awkward technique there. Right hand for Markos lands solidly, but then Kowalkiewicz connects with one of her own. Fight starting to heat up a bit as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Markos with a leg kick to start and Kowalkiewicz returns fire with one of her own. KK with a few more kicks including a front kick to the body.

Both ladies connect with right hands. Markos gets her head snapped back by a jab. Kowalkiewicz picking her strikes here, but Markos clinches and moves her to the cage. She’s working for a takedown now as Kowalkiewicz attempts to defend. Markos has KK’s back with a hook in and drags her opponent to the mat.

Kowalkiewicz able to stand back up, but Markos stays attached to her back. KK leans her against the cage. Markos looking for a potential rear-naked choke and Kowalkiewicz goes back to the mat.

Markos still has her back, working underneath her with some punches for now. 10 seconds to go she tries to go back to the rear-naked choke, but it’s not there.

Round Three:

They look to exchange in the center of the cage and Kowalkiewicz gets the better of it with a right hand in particular getting through during a flurry of strikes.

KK with a leg kick and another few punches behind it. A couple of leg kicks for the Polish fighter and continues to stay busy with her punches too.

Another short barrage of straight punches from Kowalkiewicz and then a punch in return from Markos that lands with a bit more pop. Markos with a left too now. Higher volume of strikes coming from Kowalkiewicz though.

Overhand for Markos and then a combo from KK started with an uppercut. kick in there too. She moves away and then lands with a nice spinning backfist. Markos continues to press forward looking to clinch and gets her to the cage.

Kowalkiewicz reverse the position and then moves away. Markos with a front kick to the body and eats a punch in return. Left and right flurry from KK.

Markos goes for a takedown and gets it, but Kowalkiewicz manages to scramble and end up on top. Briefly in half guard she is able to continue to progress and is suddenly in full mount. She’s landing some good ground and pound and thumps down a few elbows as Markos manages to bring her back to half guard. some nice knees to the body from there by KK before Markos finds her way to her feet once again.

Less than 30 seconds to go and it’s Kowalkiewicz who remains the busier of two as she puts together a few combinations to ensure this round is going in her favor, but has she won the fight? It’s down to the judges to decide.


The first two rounds were close, but the judges are unanimous in their decision – Karolina Kowalkiewicz gets the victory (29-28 x2, 30-27). Not sure how one judges saw it as a clean sweep for the Polish fighter, but in general it seems that her combination striking and strong third round helped her to earn the win here tonight.

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